Follow these nine influencers now to optimise your wellbeing.

The turn of the New Year heralds a virtuous list of resolutions and goals – with a ‘digital detox’ high among many screen addicts’ lists of vices to curb. Yet what if you could curate your social feeds to inspire, inform and help you to create healthier habits in 2020? Instagram is a great visual source of fitness videos, recipes and inspiring quotes to help you stay motivated and on track. Here are just some of our favourite accounts to follow, from workouts to wellness…

Melissa Hemsley

Cookbook author and broadcaster, Melissa Hemsley is all about ‘feelgood food’, and her account features healthy makeovers of all our comfort food favourites, with a plant-based focus and nutrient-rich ingredients. She’s also passionate about reducing food waste, offering handy tips and regular sustainability advice on her feed. If you want to get green AND healthy this year, she’s a great follow – offering food full of colour and vitality. The perfect feed fodder for the depths of winter.

Alice Living

Professional PT, bestselling author and Women’s Aid Ambassador, Alice uses her platform to share simple-yet-effective video workouts to try at home with minimal equipment required, alongside lifestyle, recipe and fashion content. As her 640k followers attest, she’s refreshingly upbeat and honest; a great role model for young girls, she talks openly about relationships, body confidence and problem skin.

Matt Haig

Best-selling author (3 million copies and counting), Matt Haig is a voice of reason and honesty amongst a lot of noise and ‘filtered’ content on the ‘gram. A great follow if you are looking for support, encouragement and eloquent writing that cuts to the (sometimes) raw truth about many mental health issues, including suicide, anxiety and depression. Expect sweary, politically vocal content online while, offline, his books, Reasons to Stay Alive and Notes on a Nervous Planet are fantastic resources for anyone hoping to enrich their mental health this year.

Dr. Chatterjee

GP and Health Broadcaster, Dr. Chatterjee shares a range of multi-media health content via his Instagram channel. Offering lifestyle medicine advice that’s science-backed –based on 20-years’ experience as an NHS doctor – his ‘four pillar approach’ looks at how we live, move, eat and sleep, demonstrating that when we get these fundamental daily habits right, our health and mood can thrive. Tune in to his #1 ranked podcast, Feel Better, Live More, where he shares more lifestyle health and wellbeing tips, as well as inspiring interviews with experts and real-life people on the impact of positive habit change.

The Medicinal Chef

You may very well have one of The Medicinal Chef, Dale Pinnock’s cookbooks on your kitchen shelf (or have caught him cooking up a storm on countless TV shows, from This Morning to The Saturday Show). The British nutritional author, chef and TV presenter shares recipes built around sound evidence-based nutritional principles that are delicious, easy and quick to cook. His feed is also a great resource if you’re looking for expert commentary on the latest food fads and someone to cut through the hype. A reliable, honest and educated take on matters food and nutrition.


If your aim is to work on mental health issues around body confidence and self-confidence, Megan, aka @BodyPosiPanda, is a rainbow haired, body-positivity advocate whose infectious smile (and dancing – see Stories) won’t fail to get you on the right path. With some 1.2m followers, she uses her platform to improve diversity and visibility in the both mainstream and social media, and is questioning, honest and passionate about the cause. With a dollop of sass and a pinch of vulnerability, plus heaps of likeability, she’s an inspiring follow on the path to self-acceptance.

Yoga with Adriene

If you’re a yoga novice with ambitions to take up the practice this year but find it all a bit intimidating, warm and approachable Texan Yogi, Adriene Mishler is a great follow. Alongside her rescue dog, Benji, she runs ‘Yoga With Adriene’ a YouTube channel full of classes to choose from. Whether you’re looking to get fit and tone up or discover the wellbeing properties yoga has to offer, she’s your gal.

Thrive Global

If you’re striving to thrive and not just survive this year, Thrive Global’s Insta bio boldly sets out its stall: ‘Our society perpetuates the myth that burnout is the price we must pay for success. We’re here to help change that.’ And so it is, offering articles, quotes, interviews and TED Talk recommendations to help you learn, question and find balance in work, relationships and your own self. Great for those striving for success but without compromising their health and happiness along the way.

Mind Body Green

Connecting ‘soul with science’, Mind Body Green is the place for anyone wishing to tap into their spirituality and mindfulness this year. It offers a mystical edit of astrology, self-development, self-care tips and inspiring quotes. Offering a little reflective pause to help you re-connect amongst the passive scrolling.


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January 2020
By Lydia Mansi