Food and drink Creative Director, Iska Lupton shares a delicious selection of must-follow foodie Insta accounts.

Iska Lupton is a Creative Director working in food and drink. She is one half of the Grand Dishes project, cooking with the world’s grandmothers to capture stories and recipes that evoke both personal and cultural heritage and otherwise risk being lost forever. The book will be published in spring 2021 (Unbound) and you can watch a video about the fascinating and important project here.

Here are her top food accounts to follow.

Grand Dishes

I begin, of course, with our food and grandmother project. Follow for wisdoms and witticisms, time-perfected recipes and traditions from the grannies of the world. It’s both an instructive and a comforting place.

La Grotta Ices

An incredibly beautiful account by ice cream maestro Kitty Travers, this feed makes you long to be sun-drenched in Sicily. A lot of positive saliva will build up as you scroll. Expect inventive and inviting flavours like pineapple and lemongrass or prune, butterscotch and salted caramel.

The Gourmand

Where food and art collide. A steady, polished feed from the ‘contemporary food, arts and culture’ print magazine. Dogs named after foods, mice scaling cheese, pasta architecture: it’s all here.

Laila Cooks

Laila is an artist and sculptress of food who has created edible work for Simone Rocha. See the Dali-inspired prawn tower, giant raspberry tart served by men in white gloves, butter carved into body parts for evidence of her genius.

St John Restaurant

This legendary restaurant by Fergus Henderson is classic, timeless and chic (think crispy white linen under white plates with artful platings of delicious looking things). Naturally, the St John feed will get you hungry. Posts often come with a nugget of context or philosophy behind the food.

Luke Edward Hall

An interior designer with a penchant for lobster: what’s not to love? Features smashing hand-painted plates you’d never smash and a pink and midnight blue Greco-Roman style kitchen. A master curator of elegant table settings.

Totally Gourmet

An assortment of absurd food situations that will make you smile or raise an eyebrow. Raw photography. Sometimes a bit rude, sometimes a bit sexy, mostly just very satisfying with an ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ weirdness.

Kana London

The account of artist and ceramicist Anna via which we meet her beautiful hand-made plates, glazed loosely in lovely shades. She’s painted the f-word on some of them and they still maintain absolute class. All food looks excellent on them.

Romas Foord

Quite simply, if Caravaggio did food photography, it would look like this. A photographer for OFM and The Times Magazine, everything he does is romantic with dark undertones. We bow down to anyone who can make potatoes look like supermodels.

Alison Roman

Very good meal ideas and highly saturated photography from a cool New Yorker with great taste in clothes and colour palettes.

Tiny Chef

Bit rogue, incredibly weird, very cute, irresistible watching. It’s good to laugh to oneself now and then. Can’t quite believe it has 500k followers, but here I am, advocating it.

Olivia Bennet

My pal Olivia is an art director and stylist who puts lovely things together and plays with shadows and shapes like a food puppeteer. Lots of pink and mottled grey and freckly beige. Ethereal.

By Iska Lupton
February 2020


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