Five Instagram Comedians you should follow for daily giggles on your feed.

Eurgh! Does your Instagram feed give you FOMO, and an envy of your friends' lives? Sod the selfies and sign up to the online comedy world. Feeling bored? Sad? Lonely? Follow these five comedians on Instagram and you’ll be laughing as you scroll. There’s a lot of comedy to be had on that phone in your pocket. Here are our favourite funny people on Insta.

Jessica Anteby Tebele

Have you discovered Instagram’s funniest and most stylish power couple @FuckJerry and @BeighCardigan? New York City stylist Jessica Anteby Tebele created the meme-focused handle @beigecardigan as a ‘girly’ version of her husband Elliot’s feed @FuckJerry that has been making us laugh for years. Jessica posts multiple memes per day; it could be anything from dating horror stories or Kylie Jenner conspiracy theories.

Vena Excell

Dubbed one of the ‘funniest influencers online’ by Forbes no less, standup comedian Vena Excell posts goofy antics and model quality photos that will have you tittering in no time. She shows no shame, dancing in her own kitchen, wearing a shower cap, eating a banana and posting witty auditions. Vena’s background is in communications and radio. Her Insta fame rocketed when she posted a video of herself pretending to fight in the street went viral. She says, ‘I was always the funny girl. I was always the bad one coming from the back of the class to the front of the class.’

The Fat Jewish

‘If I can wear assless chaps, you can too,’ observed Josh Ostrovsky, otherwise known as the social media sensation behind the wildly ridiculous feed The Fat Jew. The oft-naked comedian is no stranger to controversy with followers debating if he is a joke-stealing parasite or social media genius. Either way, he cheers up our day, and that of his 10 million Instagram followers. His latest project is working on a fashion campaign with Missguided promoting body-confidence and self-love. Hard not to laugh.

Caroline Goldfarb

Caroline Goldfarb is a digital comedy genius. She is the brains behind the celebrity Instagram account @officialseanpenn (409k followers), the host of the podcast This Week Had Me Like and also runs an e-store with, brace yourself, a penis website cursor. She started her Instagram feed to make her friends laugh, and says, ‘I’ve always been obsessed with finding stuff on the Internet, it’s not something I ‘decided’ to start doing. This shit is in my blood, in my DNA.’

Father Whitehall

We like Jack Whitehall but we really, really love his stuffy father, Michael Whitehall. Talk about being overbearing! Michael has jumped onto the bandwagon of his award-winning son’s fame and is stealing his comic thunder. Michael now has 190k followers, in part, thanks to their brilliant Netflix Original Travels with my Father. Trust us, your morning commute needs Father Whitehall, and their father-son double act, on your smartphone.

April 2019