Who to follow in the digital community of dad influencers; they're rocking it!

Who’s the Daddy? That’s what we want to know. The digital community of dad influencers brings a completely different, and welcome, perspective on parenting to social media. Besotted mothers have been sharing their lives online for years, unleashing their innermost thoughts on parenting wisdom, domestic tips and honest childcare dramas.

Now it is time for the Dad bloggers to get in on the action, and pinch a slice of the influencer market. So, who are these Insta-Dads? We share five feeds run by Instagram’s super dads who are clocking up thousands of followers with their pictures of science experiments, paternal trips and Lego clips.

See our edit of five Insta-Dads killing it.

Father of Daughters


Affectionately known as FOD, Simon is the original, and probably the wittiest, of all the authentic dad bloggers. Simon is husband to Instagram sensation Clemmie Hooper, author and midwife a.k.a Mother of Daughters (MOD, obviously). The outnumbered man in a household of six, Simon juggles his four daughters’ needs with humour and sarcasm. He is wildly popular and has an unfathomable 952k followers.

Papa Pukka


Co-founder of Mother Pukka, the brazenly honest platform 'for people who happen to be parents', Matt Farquharson is a journalist, Sunday Times bestselling author, podcaster, TEDx talker and Dad blogger. His wife is Anna Whitehouse, who the world best knows as Mother Pukka; they co-wrote the book Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life. If you’ve had a baby, or want to gift a new mother, buy this book. Next year (2020), they will release a new ‘belly-laugh-inducing’ book Where’s My Happy Ending about the pair travelling the world to ask enduring questions about love.

The LEGO Dad


There is a joyful innocence behind the Lego Dad’s Instagram page. Lego imitates life and this feed shares all the trials and tribulations of parenting from the perspective of a mini Lego minifigure. Any parent who has Lego-crazed infants will be able to relate to the humour behind his Instagram parenting memes. Marie Kondo, don’t tell us that Lego doesn’t spark joy!

Not So Funny Dad


There is nothing cheesy or contrived about the posts by Nigel, a.k.a Not So Funny Dad, who shares his life as a father of two children. The London-based influencer has accrued over 16k followers and offers this parental advice: Do not negotiate with terrorists!

The Dad Lab


Respect is due. This fatherly feed is pure joy and will inspire parents to remove digital screen time from their own offspring and get them engaged. Get a look in at the videos of Sergei doing science experiments with his sons, and getting them excited about the basics of physics, gravity, electricity and science experiments. He has a YoutTube channel, Facebook group and gift page on Amazon.

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