Our favourite slow food Instagram accounts.

Instagram has changed the way we eat and how we think about food. A quick trawl through the social media platform highlights the over-arching food trends of 2020. This year’s top movements include seasonal ingredients, meat-free eating, plant-based products, eating local and no-waste packaging. Here we look at six enticing Instagram feeds with a seasonal steer that offer a digital glimpse into slow food and slow living. These little foodie filled squares will introduce you to vegetables you didn’t know existed – squash blossom, anyone?

For the foodie community

Table Magazine

Who wants a strawberry on the Christmas table? An odd idea, indeed. Eating seasonally, and knowing which fruit and vegetables are in season, matters. It makes sense for your health, wallet, environment and community. Without your own garden, keeping track of the seasons and what grows when can be hard. If you judge it by what is in the supermarkets, it is tricky to ascertain what is actually in season as every vegetable is there, all of the time. Turn to Instagram and feeds like Table to keep in the loop with what is local and ripe, and when. Table is a bi-annual food, travel and lifestyle magazine designed to celebrate the people shaping our food culture and community. Follow their illustrated ‘Eating in Season’ guide to show you when certain vegetables grow naturally in your climate.

For Soho Farmhouse fame

Anna Greenland

Purple carrots, unusual radishes, bitter chicory, edible flowers, different coloured beetroots… Anna Greenland’s feed is as visually stimulating as it is delicious. Kitchen gardeners and serious cooks are au fait with Anna, who created, from scratch, the spectacular vegetable, fruit and herb gardens at Soho Farmhouse. Before this, she trained in journalism, worked as a fashion model and was organic vegetable grower for Raymond Blanc, Tom Aikens and Jamie Oliver. She also used to work at Heligan Gardens years ago and played a big part in creating the first vegetable garden at Kew Gardens. Anna has since moved to Suffolk where she immediately replaced her lawn with #nodig beds for more growing space. Keep track of her eating seasonal lifestyle with her gorgeous feed which brings new meaning to the phrase ‘eye candy’.

For wonky leeks and mud-dusted carrots

The Seasonal Table

Hankering after the good life? Catch a snapshot of slow food and dreamy slow living on Kathy and Tom’s feed, The Seasonal Table. They live in a pretty stone cottage on a smallholding in the hills of rural Somerset, from where they record online the joys of simple living. They grow and eat their own fruit and vegetables, keep bees and look after chickens and sheep, while documenting it all on social media for the rest of us to ogle. Their feed is filled with bowls of freshly picked salad leaves, wonky leeks, mud-dusted carrots, foraging for mushrooms and dark, flowery, raw honey. This is garden-to-plate living at its finest.

For an authority on mother nature

Dig Delve

If you’re looking for seasonal eating guidance, Dig Delve is an inspired online magazine about gardening, growing, cooking and making. It is written by landscape designer Dan Pearson who was the weekly garden columnist for a number of British broadsheets including The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Observer. The Instagram feed, which has over 11k followers, gives you a taste of what’s possible with seasonal cooking. The home-grown dishes are almost too impressive to eat (we said, almost).

For uplifting soul food

A Slow Gathering

Wish you could savour a gentle, carefree living? We know a girl who does. If you don’t follow Sarah Hemsley’s lifestyle feed A Slow Gathering, you should. Her online lifestyle journal is ‘a place to gather all the things that inspire and motivate me to embrace slow living and find pleasure in the simple tasks, comforts and daily rituals of home life.’ She embraces the shifts in seasons. From immune boosting tonics – ever tried DIY elderberry soup? – to cake baking, seasonal fruit crumbles and uplifting nature photography, this feed is good for the soul.

For foraging wannabes

Nomadic Dinners

Foraging is surely the ultimate act in eating seasonally. Why would you settle for the few select herbs and leaves in the supermarkets, when there’s more on offer out in the real world? The very act of finding, gathering and harvesting wild seasonal food has a certain magic which fares well on Instagram. The Nomadic Dinners account is run by a team that host monthly hidden woodland foraging feasts inspired by nature. Dubbed an ‘outdoor dining immersion’, their dinners are in the middle of a stunning woodland glade – you start with a drink crafted using wild botanicals that grow on the land followed by supper created from ingredients grown both in the vegetable gardens and found wild in the woods. It’s all cooked over open fires. Nomadic have worked with pros ranging from Master Chef Champions, famous writers and some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. We call it wild dining.

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By Annabel Jack
February 2020

Annabel Jack

Contributing Editor

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