The wellness gurus who’ll keep your New Year’s resolutions on track. Think inspiration, not deprivation.

We are all familiar with the New Year drill. You wake on January 1 determined to clean up your act in every way. It isn’t easy, but for a few days you manage to consume loads of green things and no — or, at least, way less — booze.

As the grim month marches on, you lose your resolve, seek comfort any way you can get it and, before you know it, chocolate and wine are just where you left them in December: centre-stage.

According to some (fairly depressing) research, 87 per cent of people will have broken their healthy-eating regimes by January 12.

Well, there is no need to be one of them. Motivation is close at hand thanks to a bevy of nutritionists whose Instagram feeds are vibrant, healthful and glossy enough to keep you on the straight and narrow this time around.

Here, we pick some of the best.



Czech-born nutritionist Gabriela Peacock has a little black book to be proud of. The former model is said to have helped Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie get in shape ahead of their weddings, while James Blunt, Jodie Kidd and former Vogue editor Serena Hood are all rumoured clients. She creates healthy lifestyle plans for her clients and combines them with her own award-winning range of supplements. Encouraging a very balanced approach to nutrition, this feed delivers colourful slogans and pithy advice.



Lucinda Miller has overhauled the diets and nourished the brains of countless youngsters. She is brilliant. Her wildly popular cookbook, The Good Stuff: Delicious Recipes and Tips for Happier and Healthier Children, deserves a place in every family kitchen. Her jolly Instagram feed provides daily reminders of how to make the right choices for you and your kids.



Emma Lately is a registered nutritional therapist, cook, writer and speaker. She is passionate about the psychology of eating and an advocate of kindness in all areas of life. On her Instagram account, expertly shot bowls of vibrant goodness make you want to turn away from the biscuit tin and cook something wholesome immediately.



After years of feeling rubbish due to the poor diet that is all-too-common today, Amelia Freer trained as a nutritional therapist. An acclaimed healthy-eating expert and food writer, she celebrates good food and great nutrition at the same time. She says: ‘A good meal can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, at the same time as being a powerful tool for maintaining our health and vitality. These two benefits of food can and should stand hand-in-hand.’ She is truly inspirational. Her feed makes you want to do whatever she does. Her kitchen and kitchen garden are divine. She makes crudités look as inviting as sweeties. Best of all, she is absolutely not averse to the odd healthy treat. If you start following her on Instagram, we defy you to resist buying her brand-new book, Simply Good For You. Want to know more? Check out her guest edit.



Rosemary Ferguson is one cool lady. The stunning model – who is married to the artist Jake Chapman – is a nutritionist, mother of three and mate of Kate Moss. With a clinic in Harley Street, a popular diet delivery service called The 5-day Plan (designed to help you eat for your metabolism, give your digestive system a break, increase your energy levels and consume an array of vitamins and minerals) and an acceptance that, occasionally, a person likes to party, she is nailing the whole concept of wellness. Her Instagram feed is a joy. Engaging videos, enviable recipes and a glimpse of Rosemary’s glamorous lifestyle tend to spur you into action.



Based in the Somerset town of Bruton, which is having a major moment, nutritional therapist Harriet Bindloss hosts one-to-one consultations, workshops and talks. She says: ‘As a mother, I have a good family understanding. I help you make adjustments that are manageable and practical with family life.’ She is wise and down-to-earth and her stylised but thoughtful Instagram feed is a daily source of joy.



Among the leading voices in gut health is the Harley Street nutritionist, Dr Megan Rossi. The Australia-born dietician even has a PhD in the subject. Her ponytail is so swishy, and she is so pretty, perky and well-informed, that following her lead is no great hardship. With over 159k followers, you can expect a pretty slick and professional Instagram feed. But the science, wisdom and goodwill is all there.

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January 2020
By Becky Ladenburg