Our favourite thing about Instagram is its power to inspire our interior choices through its most beautiful little squares. We round up a few of our best loved country house accounts.

Whenever social media gets a kicking, whether in the press or over dinner chat, there is always one aspect that makes us stick our heads above the parapet and defend it: its ability to inspire us with homes so beautiful that we could weep at their loveliness.

While there can, admittedly, be a fine line between posts that inspire and those that teeter into the braggosphere, there is undeniably a whole subset of accounts that only uplift us and make our days better – whether we are duly stirred to try and recreate the looks at home or simply happy to enjoy them as we might a really good – not to mention free – issue of World of Interiors.

There are too many that fall under that category to list. But right now, these are our top interiors accounts to linger wistfully over with our cup of afternoon tea.

My Mulberry House

Leah Lane is the woman behind the exquisite stylings at My Mulberry House, an early Georgian beauty and formerly a home farm of Farnham Castle. Everything about her account is joy, from the exemplary exterior to the bathing toddler in the Belfast sink, to the chickens who run in and out of the flung-wide-open door. We have a special soft spot for the children’s beds in the attic, which are sheer magic. Follow her here.

Irene My Life

Irene’s ‘modern life in a 500-year-old Cotswolds Manor House’ is what’s billed in the bio of her account. And oh what a life! We’re here just as much for the garden – which is a heavenly meeting of the formal with the relaxed – as we are for the house, which is all mullioned windows, flagstones, stone fireplaces, atmospheric dark hues and shaggy dogs and chickens. All of our favourite things, in short. Follow her here.

Molly Mahon Block Printing

The Sussex home of block printer Molly Mahon – the very same who made us rediscover the delight to be found in a potato print during lockdown – is testament to the fact that country house aesthetics need not be all plush velvets, heavy tapestries and muted colours (although we do love that very much too). Her exuberant block prints are light, colourful and zippy – and always bring a smile to the face. We especially like this scene of domesticity – the colour and print of the curtains; the deep berry green of the paintwork; and the real-life clutter of Tupperware and blue basins making it all a living thing as opposed to a work of art. Joy. Follow her here.

Ridge And Furrow

Found right at the other end of the spectrum is Elle Kemp, the interior designer and consultant who first self-built a pigsty conversion and, not content with that feat, is currently doing up an ancient Herefordshire farmhouse. In contrast, her style is all muted colours and the onus is on allowing the spare minimalism of ancient surroundings breathed back to life to take centre stage, albeit quietly and beautifully. We could gaze for hours upon her artful ability to offset a soft terracotta brick or a plaster wall with a lick of almost-black gloss paint so that it catches the light just so. Follow her here.

Amanda Cutter Brooks

Books make a house a home and we will never tire of this sumptuous scene at Fairgreen Farm, the glorious home of Amanda Cutter Brooks. In fact, all we want to do is lie back on the sofa, pluck a tome off the groaning shelves and not move for several hours/days. We can dream. Follow her here.

Charlotte Anne Fidler

Former Vogue Beauty Editor and founder of the award-winning earth-friendly skincare and hair range for tweens, Spots & Stripes, Charlotte Anne Fidler is a content creator and creative director – and it shows. Her dreamy wisteria-clad home almost glows, such is its welcoming beauty. Good thing, then, that we may be beckoned inside through her grid as often as we please. Follow her here.

English Eccentric Home

Run by Nikki Renshaw, this wonderful Instagram account picks off some of the finest homes in the land and presents them for our delectation. We have no context for this image, but we would like to dive into the sublime wash of yellow. Follow her here.

By Nancy Alsop
August 2022

Nancy Alsop


Nancy is a magpie for the best in design and culture.