Get little squares of interior inspiration by following these stylish accounts.

T’was a time when gathering ideas for home decoration was solely the domain of the pages of glossy interiors magazines. And while we will forever love poring over World of Interiors and its ilk, we also relish the daily inspiration that now pings straight into our hands via our phones, all thanks to Instagram.

There are so many excellent ones to devour and to pick the best bits from. We could have gone on and on. For now, here are our very favourite interior design influencers to follow on Insta.


Paula Sutton is a former head of press for the Elite Premier modelling agency, but when she decamped from London to the Norfolk countryside with her family and took up residence in a beautiful bucolic Georgian house, she could little have known it would lead to a second career documenting her interior life.

More than just a decorating inspo account, her joyfulness shines through every image. Follow this feed for little doses of the quintessential Georgian home decorated to perfection, as well as Paula’s infectious charm. Do also look out for her guest edit, coming soon.


For the green-fingered and aspirant green-fingered alike, this account is wall-to-wall greenery. A true botanical beauty, unlike some of the accounts listed here, this isn’t the story of a single designer or home; rather it uses far-flung examples, from living walls to plant-filled apartments to public buildings that score high on the verdant factor.

Discover the whole feed here.


Where do we even begin when it comes to singing the praises of Ben Pentreath’s account? Its beauty is so extreme, it’s almost absurd.

We spent longer than we care to admit choosing a pair of images from the architectural and interior designer’s feed, but we suggest that you spend the many hours that we have devouring the rest of the feed.


Kate Watson-Smyth is an interiors blogger extraordinaire – and a GWG Award-winner and guest editor to boot. The seasoned home blogger, journalist, author and interiors consultant is constantly ranked among the top bloggers in this field.

We love her grid, which is packed full of inspiration from her own home and her interior travels.


Lucinda Mitra left a teaching job in London to bring up her family in the beautiful surrounds of East Sussex. She is also project manager and chief decorator of her lovely cottage and, as she says, does the vast majority of the work herself and all on a tight budget.

We love her account, which showcases her winning Scandi-meets-industrial style. Follow her here.


We agree, decorating IS fun. And never more so than when taking style tips from the grid of Gianluca Longo, style editor of British Vogue as well as of Cabana Magazine. Perfection.

Explore it here.


Robert Kime isn’t your average interiors Instagrammer. Nor is he even your average professional interior designer. One of the most accomplished in the country, his work can be seen in the most elevated of homes, including in certain royal residences; in fact, Prince Charles even wrote the foreword to the 2015 book about the designer. As HRH extolled, ‘You often hear of people who are said to have ‘a good eye’, but Robert Kime’s must surely be one of the best..

Robert’s exceptional gifts as a maker of places and spaces, of rooms, corners and corridors that are, in turn, welcoming, interesting and, above all, comforting.’ Amen to that. Check out his squares here.



As the former European editor of Women's Wear Daily and W in Paris, founding editor of Elle Décor, and editor-in-chief of House Beautiful, Marian McEvoy’s home is predictably gorgeous. When it comes to interiors, her eye is unerring and she is the ultimate master at mixing old and new. Her feed is heaven for interiors inspiration magpies.


One for the maximalists, this. @nofeaturewalls – aka Laura – follows the renovation of an Oxfordshire cottage, which is heavy on the wallpaper, and specifically the William Morris wallpaper. Bold, busy and beautiful, she fully commits to this look and we love it.

Explore her feed here.


Interior designer Camilla Guinness lives between the UK and Tuscany which, in itself, is surely heaven on earth. We love her feed, which reminds us, from these shores, just why we will always have a love affair with the faded grandeur and exquisite crumbling beauty of Italy.


Martina is the editor-in-chief of Cabana Magazine. Her Instagram feed documents her love of colour and pattern – and if you like what you see, you can shop a lot of it through Cabana, whose collection you can explore here.


It stands to reason that the former creative director of Nina Ricci and Oscar de la Renta should live in and love interiors at the most elaborately beautiful end of the scale. But through the squares on @petercropping excels himself – this feed is less at-home inspiration as interiors as artworks.

Follow him here.


The late Dennis Severs’ house is one of the most romantic in the land. Constructed as the most committed of fairy tales, executed for an imaginary family of Huguenot weavers that Severs took as his muses, the Spitalfields house is open for tours by appointment.

A living artwork and one of the most wonderful small museums anywhere in the world. We love its little squares.

Jasper Conran

We’ve taken untold inspiration and joy from Japer Conran’s feed, which mostly focuses on his garden of dreams in Dorset. But, as we’d expect from any Conran, the interior is every bit as stunning and we always enjoy the rare glimpses he gives into it.

Check it out here.

Maker and Son

We are, it’s safe to say, obsessed with Maker & Son, yet another in the dynasty of Conrans doing swoon-inducing things. Not only are its sofas easy-on-the-eye; they also look like the most squidgily comfy items of furniture we’ve ever seen.

Check it out here.


Simon Brown is one of the foremost interiors photographers working today. It makes sense then that his Instagram feed should be as sublime as it is. Get behind the scenes images from his shoots for books and all the glossies.

Glorious. Explore more here.

By Nancy Alsop
Updated August 2021


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