It’s National Bicycle Day on 19th April. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a newbie, these are the cycling Instagrammers to follow.

Few are the cyclists who take up the pursuit with nonchalance. Most pedal pushers tend to fall under the category of ‘enthusiast’, whether they’re the types to have cycled up mountainous terrain across multiple borders, or they’ve just taken up the sport to ditch the car, get fit and zip along in the city without wasting time in traffic jams. Any which way, chances are they have all the kit and several cycling podcasts on the go. Now the only thing for it is to take to Instagram to spur on the obsession. These are the ones to know.


Cyclist Magazine’s Instagram account is a non-negotiable follow for enthusiasts. Track the biggest names in the sport and be transported to some of the most inspirational (and challenging) terrain in the world via its little squares. Follow here.

Kristof Ramon

This accomplished photographer captures the agonies and ecstasies of what it is to be a professional cyclist. Candid, inspirational and glorious. Follow here.

Behind Handle Bars

This guy behind the bars, which will soon become as familiar to followers of this account as their own, is Oliver, a digital creator from Denmark. His squares are dedicated to spreading the joy of exploring the world from the comfort of a saddle, and his travels have taken him from New York to Indonesia. We like how simple he makes it: have bike, will travel. Follow here.

Preferred Mode

We love this account precisely because it isn’t about professional cycling. Instead, it trains the spotlight on all manner of people who happen to live in New York and enjoy riding their bikes, from the pair of Brooklyn-dwelling toddlers who’ve just started learning in this picture to New Yorkers who’ve been riding theirs for many decades more. A brilliant reminder that cycling is for everyone. Follow here.

I Have This Thing With Bikes

If your interest in bikes is more focused on the aesthetic than the technical, then this is the account for you. I Have This Thing With Bikes collates shots of the most beautiful bikes in the loveliest locations, from those carrying tulips in front of Amsterdam canals to those casually parked picturesquely in front of distressed Tuscan terracotta walls. Follow here.

Coryn Rivera

Women’s cycling, alas, receives significantly less attention and coverage than the men’s sport (plus ca change). Putting that to rights with panache is LA-raised Olympian Coryn Rivera, who has won 72 national titles and counting. She is an unstoppable force and following her is an inspiration. Follow here.

Sophie Smith

Australian commentator Sophie Smith follows professional races all over the world, a rare female voice amidst a male-dominated landscape. We like her Instagram account for its cycling coverage as well as its balanced approach to life spent travelling; she also has a keen interest in the architectural and natural splendours of the world, as well as in people. Follow here.

Valentina Holl

Valentina Holl’s Instagram bio opens with a couple of facts about her: she likes, we’re told, ‘puppies, gelato and gin.’ Who doesn’t? Less universal, however, is her status as the future of women’s mountain biking and the sport’s World Cup overall champion. We love how much fun she’s having while smashing out amazing achievement after amazing achievement. Follow here.

Katie Holden

Katie Holden’s adventures in mountain biking take her all over the world – and, thanks to the power of Instagram, we can come along for the ride too, albeit in her pocket. We love her positive attitude and her eye-poppingly good photography. Follow here.


In the cycling game for the gear? Same here. Then you need Kitwatch in the your life, an Instagram account dedicated to the best of the best cycling kit. Follow here.

The Radavist

Run by ‘A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors’, this account is informative and fun, but mainly we’re here for the photography, which is sublime. Follow here.

Jered Gruber

One of the most prolific and talented photographers in American bike-racing, Jered and his wife Ashley spend eight months a year on the road, taking pictures of professional racing while also enjoying the view from wherever the road happens to have takem them. Not bad work if you can get it – and when your images are this good, what’s to stop you?
Follow here.

By Nancy Alsop
April 2022

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