Blue Monday: Can a daily positive self-talk app tackle depression and low motivation?

Warning: Blue Monday has arrived. The third Monday in the year is known as Blue Monday, code for the most depressing day of the year. Why then, in particular? We blame it on the lack of sunshine, credit card bills post-Christmas spending and the realisation that you’re already failing at your New Year resolutions. Chuck in a bit of Trump and Brexit woes, and we feel your pain. Whatever your reasons for feeling gloomy, there is plenty of self-improvement tech to help you boost your positive mindset and develop your motivation.

The ThinkUp Positive Affirmation app, which focuses on self-talk techniques, has been hailed as a brilliant app for helping the uninspired soul searchers among us. In order to succeed, you need to harness that positive mindset.

The ThinkUp Positive Affirmation app is a wellness app that speaks to you. Literally. Users record themselves saying cheering and encouraging things and play them on a loop over a period of consecutive days. Repetition is the easiest method of persuasion.

This customised aspiration and self-improvement soundtrack is designed to help users overcome inner obstacles, achieve their goals, reduce negative self-talk and become who they want to be. Think of it as a life coach downloaded into your phone.

To get started, users choose affirmations from a professionally edited list (covering goals such as new careers or overcoming depression) or create their own. Then – and this is what users seem to like – you can personalise your affirmations and record them in your own voice. Add your own images and music to really drive the feelings home.

You can connect ThinkUp to the Apple Health app and track the duration of your daily practice through the Mindful Minutes metric.

There are plenty more meditation and anxiety apps to guide you on your way. Take a look at Thinkladder, the mental health app that enables users to evaluate and challenge the unhelpful beliefs associated with stress and conflict.

January 2019