Ditch those dog-eared chequebooks, never queue in a bank again; Revolut is here.

Launched in July 2015, Revolut is a 21st-century alternative to banking. Designed for today’s global lifestyle, it is like having a local bank account in the palm of your hand.

With the Revolut app, you can: transfer money globally for free; use the Revolut Mastercard to spend without fees; get paid back by your friends quickly and easily; track your expenses efficiently; and always enjoy the real exchange rate.

Revolut is the brainchild of Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko. Storonsky was a trader at Credit Suisse, where he couldn’t help but notice the astronomical fees applied to foreign exchange transactions. Meanwhile, Yatsenko had spent ten years building financial systems at investment banks.

Now, the co-founders are reinventing the way in which we spend and transfer money abroad.

They say: “We’re here for those who refuse to settle. Who never stop moving forwards. Who continue to search for new ideas and better experiences in everything they do. Because today’s hyper-connected world deserves a financial partner just as progressive. One that adapts to your needs, gives you control and constantly pushes you into new exciting spaces.”

Backed by some of Europe’s best-known investors, Revolut benefits from sophisticated technology, next-generation security and excellent customer service via the in-app chat.

Fans say: “I can’t rate Revolut highly enough. I reckon I saved £120 in fees and transfers on my family trip to the USA. The app was a dream to use.”

“This simple idea works perfectly.”

“I’ve tried a number of travel cards in the past but this beats them all. How can you argue about perfect exchange rates, instant loading and a well-designed app?”

It’s time to get a grip on the way you bank.

August 2017