Are you ready to be blown away? This app is revolutionising the aviation industry, giving members access to the world of private jets.

The clever people at JetSmarter are reinventing the world of private air travel. Gone are the days when you needed an expensive broker, endless phone calls and complicated paperwork to book yourself a private jet. This snazzy new app puts “flying in the palm of your hand”.

At a tap or swipe of the screen, JetSmarter members can: search for and book flights any time, anywhere; browse empty seats on shuttle flights throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East; build and book custom charter flights; create shared charter flights; make payments; and connect with other members via in-app messaging.

With JetSmarter’s members-only approach, superior service and advanced mobile technology, business and leisure travel has never been so easy or so efficient.

Here is what some JetSmarter members have to say about it:

“JetSmarter completely changed my experience of travelling. As soon as you sign up and become a member, you’ll realise that it was a great investment.”

“The networking, the ease of travel, the comfort, it’s spectacular.”

“I found that the JetSmarter app was so simple and so easy. You just push the button, pick the date and within seconds they send you a confirmation that you are on that flight.”

“JetSmarter is an indispensable resource if you are a business traveller. The cost is unbelievable compared even to flying commercial.”

Members get a range of added benefits, too, including invitations to exclusive events, helicopter transfers (available at select airports and seasonally to the Hamptons) and access to a 24-hour concierge service for hotel, restaurant and club bookings.

If you are after easily arranged, luxury air travel at a fraction of the cost of a traditional charter, this is the app for you. Bon voyage.

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May 2017