Digital kids: the five apps that protect your children online without banning the internet.

Few of us want to ban our children outright from the occasional burst of screen-time – for fun, to educate or to give us a break now and then. But no parent wants to put our offspring at risk of the dangers that lurk online. With research showing that 82 per cent of children are exposed to inappropriate material on the internet before they are 11, it’s time we took back some control. Here is our round-up of apps that will allow your little ones to learn, browse and play on their devices in safety.


Originally created back in 1995, Net Nanny is consistently ranked among the best parental control software available. The current version enables you to block or permit specific websites, set screen-time limits, decrease exposure to profanities and set up alerts, so that you can have “complete visibility and control” over your child’s online activity.


The people at Norton software are determined that your child should be able to enjoy their connected world safely. The idea is to help teach children safe web-exploration habits and you to stay in the know about where they are and what it is that they are searching for and looking at online. This app is currently only available for use on child devices. Visit the website for a free trial.


Simple to install and easy to use, ParentKit is a new, breakthrough app that lets you – remotely, using your own device – schedule your children’s browsing time, monitor their habits and decide what they can and cannot see. Created by a stay-at-home mother of three, ParentKit puts the control in your hands, literally. Visit the website for a free trial.


Designed to guard your children around the clock, SecureTeen allows you to keep an eye on their online activities, filter harmful content, manage their screen-time and stay one step ahead of them through location alerts. Visit the website for a free trial.


Created by parents for parents, the SafeKiddo app “provides comprehensive protection in the online world”. It suggests what content your children should and should not be looking at based on their age and allows you to manage their screen-time and access. Visit the website for a free trial.

May 2017