Don’t pitch your tent before seeing these five camping apps, as chosen by expert, Ollie Mundy, co-founder of Boutique Camping.

Just because you’re outdoorsy doesn’t mean you have switched off your phone completely. There are many, many apps catering to the camping and outdoorsy set. It can be boggling to know where to start, so we turned to expert Ollie Mundy from Boutique Camping to bring you the top five Apps to download before setting off on your camping trip.

Ollie co-founded Boutique Camping with Fiaz Iqbal in 2010 after spending many a happy summer working the festival scene. Using a bell tent as their home away from home, they were used to always getting compliments on it. When they couldn’t find any colourful alternatives to the cream bell tent, they made it their mission to create a fun, colourful company, aimed toward the festival set. Boutique Camping was born, and now sells everything you need for your camping trip, from bell tents and lanterns to luxury day beds, hammocks and glamping attire. Here Ollie chooses his favourite five apps to help you on your camping trip.


I use this when I go on a road trip as it has access to thousands of locations, campsites and glamping setups. There is also an advanced booking system so you can plan your adventure along the way. Campmate has all the info you need about each location and is great for surf locations or out-of-the-way sites.


Survival Guide is amazing! If you want to embrace the foraging life, this app has all the information about food and plants you can and can’t eat. There is also information and advice on first aid, Morse code and a sun compass. The ideal app for the wild camper!


I use this most weekends, as it’s great for analysing your rides and walks. From monitoring your distances, speed, calories, pace, steps and altitude, you can share this across many social media platforms, which is great if you have a bit of competition going with friends! It’s great for those fundraising for sporting events as there are also training programmes, challenges and routes to try out.


The Sky Guide App is my favourite. When there is not a cloud in the sky and you are in the middle of nowhere, you can use this app to see what planets and stars you are looking at. It’s unbelievable how accurate it is, and how much information is on there.


With the Boutique Camping tent finder, all you do is take a picture of your tent, along with other important locations you want to remember and your GPS locates them. So, if you are at festival and need to find your tent or a friend’s tent, or even your car, the simple interface helps you get back to them. Other features include our podcast and our instruction manual on how to put your tent up. You can even check out your local weather forecast and there is also a handy shortcut to turn your touch on.

May 2017