’Appy New Year! Yes, it’s detox time; Kick-start new intentions with these clever apps.

It comes around with refreshing regularity, this need of ours to correct in January all the sins of the year gone by. Or, at least, the sins of December’s indulgent whirlwind. Knowing that you can put the brakes on come the New Year actually makes yuletide revelry all the merrier. Now is the moment to wrest back control, though. Here, we’ve found 10 apps that will help restore your mind, body and spirit to full health.


Moderate drinking needn’t be just for January. This well-reviewed app keeps a personalized diary of the amount of alcohol you drink (including units, calories and cost) and provides tips, articles and motivation throughout the year.


If you’re feeling flabby after the party season, this may be the app for you. It aims to tone your whole body in a month. There must be a reason why over 600,000 people worldwide have downloaded it since 2016…


The reason you’ve heard so much about the meditation app Headspace is because it is brilliant. With this app, newcomers to mindfulness and meditation will be introduced to life-changing skills – and old-timers will ensure that the practice remains part of their day.


Healthy eating resolutions are made a lot easier if you have interesting recipes at your fingertips. Updated every three months, this app offers over 290 inspirational plant-based ideas that are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and free of refined sugar.


Enhance your meditation practice with these incredible, high-quality recordings of flowing water, bird song, rain and other peaceful sounds from nature.


This popular app tracks your weight and calculates a recommended daily calorie intake. Plus, it has a cool food diary and an exercise log.


Lose weight, bulk up and eat better with this perky, award-winning app. It allows you to choose a diet plan, track your habits and get the support you need to achieve your goals.


Agonising though they can be, juice diets sure make you feel thin. Get inspiration from New York Times bestselling author Joe Cross, whose recipes will keep you fuelled from morning to night.


Compiled by a trusted team of household-name foodies, this app is the best way to search and shop for recipes. Mucho is like a personal stylist for your taste buds. Whether you’ve cut out gluten, are avoiding dairy or don’t eat meat, you will find the recipe you need here – and you can order ingredients through it, too.


Studies show that divorce rates spike after Christmas. If the health of your marriage isn’t looking so great, try this brand new app that gets to know your relationship and creates a program to help you grow and maintain it.

Updated January 2019