Why it’s so important to be kind to yourself this Christmas. Try these five self-care apps

Do you sometimes feel uneasy or suffer from full-blown panic attacks? Odds are that you, or someone you know, suffer from anxiety. Full-blown therapy may be difficult to reach or afford, so millions are tuning into apps that help your mental health. These five apps are designed to aid anxiety.


The ‘gym membership for the mind’ offers a series of 10-minute guided meditations to address sleep issues, anxiety and depression. They teach mindfulness techniques to help manage stress and wellbeing and to train your brain to relax. After your first ten days of meditation training, you can access additional programmes. The app has a reward system and a buddy system so you can help others, and receive support from others.


If you can manage your anxiety, you’re half way to a happier existence. The free What’s Up app features breathing techniques, habit and anxiety trackers and positive quotes. It utilises some of the best CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) methods to help you cope. Learn how you think and how those thoughts trigger different emotions. Knowing this will help you rationally tackle a fear with a clear head rather than break into sweats with a panic attack.


Got a lot on your mind? Discover how to effectively manage anxieties and worries with this app. Write down you worries and drop it into the worry box. You can look later; did your worst fears come true? The app gives you a list of coping statements to help you reconfigure your thoughts and the relaxation audios are designed to help you get rid of disruptive emotions.


HelloMind aims to help you think better and feel stronger. The app uses a method called RDH, (Result Driven Hypnosis) developed by Danish hypnotherapist Jacob Strachotta, to helps you take back control from negative emotions and bad habits. RDH helps you consciously define the problem allowing your subconscious to know the solution. Choose a treatment with 10 30-minute sessions.


This is a good app for people who are tired, stressed or suffer from insomnia. Over three million people have downloaded the Rain Rain Sleep Sleep app designed to help you fall asleep fast. Users mix and match any combination of the 49 high-quality endless sounds that lull you into a sleep. Users can save their favourite combination. Pick from Nature: Desert Wind, Blizzard Wind, Crackling Fire, Sounds of Summer: Beach, Sprinkler, Birds Calling and many, many more.

Updated December 2018