Who needs the gym, especially in these uncertain times? Get your heart pumping with these online fitness subscriptions and apps.

Online fitness subscriptions and apps are the new gym membership and it’s not hard to see why. They allow users to access the best instructors in the world, streamed direct into their homes free of charge, or for the fraction of the cost of a bricks and mortar gym; what’s not to get worked up – and indeed worked out – about? Many specialise in no- or low-equipment body-weight or cardio workouts, so you don’t need a home gym to get your sweat on either. Strong WIFI and a smart device, and you’re ready to go.

They’re a great workout option for those who don’t feel comfortable or confident in a group class or gym setting (no need to hide at the back when it’s your own living room). Plus, they’re a practical option for parents without childcare or those who travel frequently, allowing you to take your gym class with you in your suitcase. Many aren’t simply workouts, but nutritional and wellbeing plans too, giving you a holistic approach to your health this year. Here’s our pick of the best.

1. Les Mills On Demand

The Les Mills Lab partners with internationally-renowned research labs to test and deliver the latest in fitness developments. With 800+ workouts, all scientifically designed and backed, you are safe in the knowledge you are getting the cutting edge of workout know-how. With a complete spectrum of cardio right through to mindfulness and meditation, it’s the programme for you, whether you’re looking to get your heart racing, or resting.
£11.95/mth (with a four month free trial)

2. Asana Rebel app

Asana Rebel offers quick (ranging from 5-to-30 minute) yoga classes with a cardio and strength-training focus. Fast-paced and with new weekly workouts, they require zero equipment and are perfect to take on holiday, or away with work for a quick blast of exercise. You can quickly and easily curate your own ‘playlist’ of workouts you love and the app also contains meditation classes, nutrition articles and a music library with a range of ‘soundscapes’ to help you both focus and switch off. The slick interface is easy to use and the visual calendar tracker keeps you motivated.

EDITOR’S PICK: ‘I used this all last summer when we were away and LOVED IT. I threw a travel yoga mat in my luggage and with just this app I managed to keep up a 40-day yoga streak whilst travelling with two boys through Italy. I love that even after a 10 min practice I felt worked out and stretched. I love it.’ Lifestyle Editor, Lydia Mansi

3. Own Your Goals – Davina

Chances are you’re tried one of Davina McCall’s workouts. Now, after 15 years making fitness DVDs, Davina has moved online, offering a platform focussing on weight-loss and ‘body transformation’. There are all the workouts you could want, with a full range of boxing, yoga, strength building, dance and HIIT to ensure you never get bored, plus workout and meal planners to keep you on track. You can document your progress with photos and measurements on your dashboard and join the OYG Community to get support and accountability from other members. A great option for those who want to feel ‘part of something’ and need the human element to stay motivated towards their goals.

4. Fiit app

Dubbed the ‘Netflix of Fitness’, Fiit brings the workout world bang up-to-date with the latest interactive technology. Offering video-led workouts across cardio, strength-training and ‘rebalance’, the focus on body weight moves means they’re flexible, whatever your stage of fitness and require no equipment. The library contains hundreds of videos from top UK trainers, with regular new workouts added. Upgrade to the premium membership and you’ll be provided with a Fiit device and app that connects to your TV to track your heartbeat as you train, plus access to unlimited and exclusive classes. You can stream your own playlists whilst you workout and create personalised training plans depending on your goal (strength-building, marathon training, weight-loss etc), too.
From £10/mth

5. Pop Sugar

A completely free online fitness library, Pop Sugar is a brilliant resource to try out new workouts if you’re stuck in an exercise rut. All you need is an internet connection and the world is your oyster: choose from Zumba dance classes, intense HIIT workouts and mindful Kundalini Yoga practices. There are great magazine-style articles, as well as fitness and health news too. A great way to discover a new form of fitness, without the financial commitment.

6. Barrecore

Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of Barrecore’s ballet-style workouts, the devil is in the detail (and the repetition), working out the whole body with muscle-quivering efficiency. You do need to invest in a few bits of simple kit to make the most of the workouts and the library is small (66 videos) but if you’re looking for a deep, body conditioning workout that is beautifully simple, fad-free and builds strength without bulk – this is the one.
One-off classes from £5

7. PilatesAnytime

PilatesAnytime gives you exactly that: access to its colossal library of 3,400 videos, on the go. There are programmes to follow if you’re looking for a structured approach, or you can dip in and out of a range of mat-based classes. For those with access to Pilates equipment, such as a reformer bed or tower, there’s a great range of videos to help you get the most out of them – something we haven’t found with other more ‘mat focussed’ Pilates sites. There are new videos uploaded weekly to keep your interest piqued and a regularly rotating ‘distinguished instructor’ featuring Pilates Masterclasses with world-leading instructors.


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March 2020
By Lydia Mansi

Lydia Mansi

Lifestyle Editor

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