Tune into these great running podcasts or download these apps to keep your goals on track.

Have you dusted off your trainers and reactivated your Strava account for the third January running? Ordered new fancy leggings in the Sweaty Betty sale and shared a smug selfie on Instagram of your #newyeargoals? It seems half the Internet resolves to run into the New Year – but how can you keep, rather than kick, the habit and make running a part of your fitness regime, long-term? The answer lies in community. Whether it’s joining your local running club, many of which run specific beginners’ courses at this time of year, or getting a group of mates together with the same fitness levels to keep you going, running – contrary to popular belief – really is a team sport.

Another great way to stay motivated and in your running lane is with some inspirational – as well as clever tech – to help you track and build your progress. A great podcast can help you zone out and geek out as you cover the miles, tuning in to seasoned professionals to pick up tips as well as get inspired as they share their running journeys. We also have a round-up of clever training apps to get you from couch to 5k and beyond – whether you want to get round the park without stopping or train your way to a marathon. We have all the downloads you need to get you across the finishing line.

Run Selfie Repeat Podcast

Offering short, positive pep talks, this weekly podcast is great for those lacking motivation and who might be in need of a fun, community-led insight into the benefits of running, both physical and mental. Listen in here.

The Morning Shakeout Podcast

One for running veterans, this. If you’d like to hear in-depth conversations with a host of renowned professional athletes, coaches and personalities, as well as pick up some mindset tips along the way, this insider series, hosted by athlete and coach Mario Fraioli, is the download for you. Listen in here.

Runner’s World Podcast

The perfect place to start as a running newbie, this podcast delivers a weekly dose of all things pavement or park pounding, including advice, interviews and discussions on hot topics in the running community. A great chatty listen to keep you putting one foot in front of the other on your morning route. Listen in here.

Footpath App

A handy app to help you plan out your routes before you lace up. Map your lap with your finger and Footpath will cleverly snap it to roads paths, measuring distances and elevations for you in seconds. Ready to head out the door? It will give you turn by turn directions while en route too, so you can concentrate on your pace, not your location. Listen in here.


A great app that gives you voice navigation on over 600,000 routes across 171 countries, which makes it perfect if you want to keep up your running habit on holiday, or discover new courses in your local area without having to worry about reading a map whilst in full stride. Listen in here.

Nike Run Club

A great first base for beginner runners, this free resource from Nike offers run tracking, guided runs as well as challenges to join and training plans to follow –whatever your running goal may be. With expert coaches and an active community, it’s a brilliant resource to get you to your first 5k. Listen in here.


If you’re a seasoned runner but you’re looking to up your training this year, the TrainAsOne app is great for training intervals to increase speed and endurance. With clever AI technology, the training app will constantly adjust your plan according to your running data and goals, whether you’re aiming for your first park run or training for an ultra-marathon. There’s no one size fits all plan to follow; just bespoke, effective runs built specifically for you and your fitness goals. Listen in here.

By Lydia Mansi
January 2022

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