Accursed sleeplessness be gone! Get a good night’s sleep with these digital aids to slumber.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on the sleeping patterns of Britons. The number of people reporting sleep loss has risen from one in six to one in four, a study by Southhampton University found in 2020. Causes varied, from social isolation, loss of employment and fear of getting infected with coronavirus to the pressures of juggling work and home-schooling. It’s not just about feeling ‘a bit tired’ the next day; prolonged insomnia has been proven to cause stress, anxiety and depression, and is often cited as causing or exacerbating underlying mental or physical illness.

So, what can we do to help ourselves when a glass of warm milk or counting sheep just isn’t cutting it? We have shortlisted nine products we think are the future of sleep – from NASA-approved eyemasks to high-tech light-therapy gadgets to trick your brain into catching forty winks.


Weighted blankets have risen in popularity during lockdown, thanks to the reassuring feeling that they mimic of being hugged. They’re not just for sleep either; reading or meditating under a weighted blanket can help reduce anxiety and, when used at night, can help you sleep longer and deeper. Available in both adults’ and kids’ sizes. From £89.

Sound Oasis

When scientists were trying to help astronauts aboard the ISS to regulate their circadian rhythms – thrown into orbit thanks to the lack of night and day in space – they devised the technique of light therapy to tell the body when to wind down and when to wake up. This clever eye-mask takes that tech and adapts it for us mere mortals; pulsing red lights to help you nod off and blue ones when it’s time to get up. Great for shift workers and insomniacs alike. If it’s good enough for NASA astronauts... £135.


If racing, anxious thoughts are keeping you awake as you clock-watch in the wee small hours, Dodow’s clever wireless device is the nightstand equivalent of counting sheep. Simply tap the top and it will project a gentle ray of blue light for you to focus on, rather than that unfinished to-do list, or all the ‘what if?’ questions. The light gradually ebbs and flows, designed to help slow your breathing to just six breaths a minute, calming that overactive mind and allowing you to drift off. £49.


Forget the alarm on your phone. It’s time to up the ante with your clock tech and set more than just your wake-up time. Developed with the help of the European Sleep Centre, Homni’s clever ticker has four sensors built-in, tracking and analysing your sleep environment – from the temperature, to light levels to humidity and noise. All that data is fed into an app to help you work out what might be keeping you awake. Not only will it help you set the mood for slumber. Then, once you have nodded off it will track your sleep time, cycles and body movements too. £143.49

Nanu Duvet

Do you do the thermostat tussle with your other half? Are you co-sleeping with an Ice Queen or Mr. Inferno? Nanu has come up with the perfect solution for those couples with very different temperature requirements when it comes to bedding. The simple solution is one duvet with two halves, you choose the tog to keep one side cool as a cucumber and the other toasty warm. From £50.

Luminette Light Therapy Glasses

Blue light therapy may look a bit space age, but a 30-minute session in these Luminette specs can help manage your mood, treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and jet lag (remember that?). Simply pop it on first thing to wake up the body and mind – especially good on dark winter mornings, thus resetting your circadian clock, ensuring you are ready for sleep when bedtime arrives. Great for those who don’t see enough daylight and need to mimic that feeling of ‘blue sky days’. £199.

Bose Sleep Buds

Experts in keeping you entertained with music, podcasts and other audio delights, Bose has also created ‘sleep buds’ to – you’ve guessed it – dial down the noise and help you drift off. They may look like tiny headphones but instead of churning out the tunes, they deliver relaxing and noise-masking sounds to help you fall asleep and, crucially, stay asleep. Clinically proven to help users drop off faster, they don’t cancel noise like traditional ear plugs, but instead emit soothing sounds to help your brain block out the other stuff – noisy roads, neighbours, or snoring partners – all through the dedicated app with forty specially curated soundscapes. £229.

By Lydia Mansi
February 2021

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