Parenting can be fraught with worry. Allow these brilliant apps to ease your mind and find that often elusive but all-important support.

Whether you’re a first-time parent looking for the answer to ‘why is my baby crying?’ at 4am, or a mum of teens hoping to keep control of their online habits, the digital apps in our round-up are all designed to help make parenthood that little bit easier. From childcare at the touch of a button, to the app that will get your whole family organised and in sync, download these brilliant parenting aids now.

Nightfeed app

Award-winning lifestyle blogger, Ruth Crilly (aka @modelrecommends) launched The Nightfeed app after recognising that many parents are aimlessly scrolling during those 4am feeds looking for answers to their parenting dilemmas, but also seeking out like-minded mums doing the same nocturnal shift. The app has a handy feeding tracker and a white noise library built in, as well as discussion groups to chat to other mums; editorial content on the best baby buys; and guest expert Q&As, too. Look out for our interview with Ruth next week.


Ever been out with the brood and needed to locate the nearest loos, family-friendly restaurant or car park – fast? AroundMe does just that: it drops a pin on your current location and gives you a list of all your nearest amenities. Great for getting your bearings in a new location. Free to download.

Baby Sleep Sounds

White Noise is one of many new parents’ top tips. Designed to mimic the sounds within the womb to help a newborn feel more at home, the Baby Sleep Sounds app has 80 ambient options for you to choose from. Frustrated DJs will love the fact you can create your own ‘baby mix tape’ combining your little one’s favourite sounds into their own bedtime sound track. Free to download.

Qustodio app

Qustodio is a parental control app that allows you to manage your children’s screen time; set them a quota; and filter the content they can access and monitor or block apps. It will also deliver an activity report of your child’s time online, so you can see where they are spending their digital minutes. It may feel a bit ‘Big Brother’ but offers peace of mind for those with pre-teen tech-lovers. Free to download.

Peanut app

Peanut is like an online dating app for new mums. Gone on maternity leave and feel like you’ve left all your friends in the office (or the bar)? New motherhood can be lonely, and Peanut is designed to connect you to mums nearby with similar interests. You can set your goals (meeting new people, asking questions, sharing advice) and then get chatting with the in-app messenger, or take things offline and arrange a playdate. Free to download.


Finding a recommendation for a good babysitter can feel like the Holy Grail of parenthood. Maintaining a social life, or quality time as a couple can slide down the priority list for many new parents, especially if you don’t have family close by to step in. The Bubble app is a way of booking highly-recommended babysitters for day help, or evening babysitting, easily. Every babysitter in the directory is insured, background-checked and you can read other parents’ reviews before booking. Free to download.


Many new parents are torn between oversharing the 4320 pictures of their new darling on their social media feed for all the world to coo over and worrying about online privacy. The Tinybeans app bridges the gap perfectly. You can save all your snaps, document milestones and create a dedicated online profile for your little one, that you only share with your nearest and dearest. A great idea for those with family and friends far away. Free to download.

The Wonder Weeks

The multi-award winning app based on the bestselling book of the same name, The Wonder Week allows you to track your baby’s development and milestones through the first 20 months. Using scientific research, it will give you reassuring insight into their behaviour, from why they’re really fussing to sleep regression and those magical ‘leaps’ to look out for. There’s an in-built white noise app and HD baby monitor function too on the ‘gold plan’. £2.99

Cozi app

Feel like you are juggling your work, home, medical and school calendars and can’t seem to get everyone on the same page? Cozi is a family organizer app to keep the whole family on track. You can create a profile for each family member, colour-code different commitments and set reminders so you don’t miss important appointments. Share across multiple devices so everyone is up to speed and even collaborate on shopping and to-do lists, too. Free version, in-app subscription available


Rainy school holidays and stuck for inspiration on how to entertain your brood? Hoop brings a whole directory of activities happening nearby, straight to your phone. Choose by activity, or age and book direct. With 100,000+ activities listed each month, you’ll be sure to find something – from baby and toddler groups to creative workshops, exhibitions, festivals and soft play. Free to download.


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By Lydia Mansi
October 2019