Are you looking for waterproof mattress protectors? These are the best waterproof mattress protectors for spills, including those with features for other issues.

There exists a whole host of reasons why you may wish to invest in the best waterproof mattress protector. Perhaps you are the type who likes to luxuriate in bed a while longer of a morning, cup of tea in hand? If so, the attendant drips and spills can be well mitigated with the use of a waterproof mattress cover.

You might, on the other hand, have a young child who is getting to grips with night-time training, and therefore requires protection against bedwetting in the night. Maybe you overheat easily at night or suffer from a condition that causes night sweats; or perhaps you have an allergic response to dust mites and therefore want a hypoallergic topper to deal with the issue and finally get a better night’s sleep.

Any which way you slice it, once your mattress is damp, it provides a welcome home for mould, mildew and fungi, rendering your mattress guarantee void and is thus best avoided. To match the number of reasons you may be in the market for a waterproof mattress protector, there is an equal number of examples of mattress protectors available to buy.

So how does one know what to look for before making the investment? The good news is that there has been a significant upgrade in the products available in recent years. Yet it remains important to look out for the materials used in your mattress protector.

While a plastic lining is still the only way to guarantee complete protection, it is vital to remember that not all plastics are created equal. (It is best, for example, to avoid vinyl/PVC, which can be toxic). The best examples are non-allergenic, soft and breathable, feature a thin waterproof membrane, contain no flame retardants and are machine washable. So, what is the best waterproof mattress protector on the market? We give you the lowdown.

Ultra Luxe Waterproof Mattress Protector from Coop Home Goods

No one wants to live with a damp mattress or bacteria growing in the very place which is supposed to restore us to vitality for a new day. Equally, few us want to have to bed down in sheets that have that tell-tale slippery-slidey feel that waterproof mattress toppers of old once featured. Enter then the Ultra Luxe Waterproof Mattress Protector from Coop Home Goods.

Purporting to be especially suited to ‘hot sleepers, pet owners, clean freaks, kiddos and the accident-prone’, it is hypoallergenic, OEKO-TEX certified, breathable, machine washable and, crucially, soft and comfortable. Designed to keep liquid and bacteria out, it will stretch to 18 inches, meaning there is no need to worry whether it will fit your bed. $35.99. Buy it here.

IMFAA Terry Towel Mattress Protector

This IMFAA Terry Towel mattress is 65 percent cotton, 35 per cent polyester and 100 per cent waterproof. Designed to fit a double bed, this is one of the best mattress protectors that enhances and extends the life of your mattress by protecting it from spills. Meanwhile, Terry Towelling is breathable, soft and has the advantage of being cool in the summer and extra warm and cosy in the winter. Anti-allergy, easy to care for, soft and created to support a dry night: this pull-on fitted mattress topper double is ideal for those looking for both security and comfort. £12.99. Buy it here.

Spundown Mattress Protector from Fine Bedding

Whose isn’t in the market for making their bed more comfortable? A mattress topper gives an extra layer to sink into and be enveloped by at the best hour of the day: bedtime. Why not, then, give yours a practical edge, by ensuring that it’s also waterproof?

This machine-washable Spundown mattress protector from Fine Bedding is one of the best waterproof mattress protectors. It can be washed at 60 degrees, making it ideal for those with allergies, as it’s high enough to get rid of dust mites. It comes in a reusable storage bag, is made from 100 per cent Super Soft Microfibre and 100 per cent Smartfil® Microfibre, and is available in sizes ranging from a standard single to superking. £29.50 - £42. Buy it here.

Carters Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress Protector

Anyone with young children will be cognisant of the myriad benefits of a good waterproof mattress cover – whether the issue is leaky nappies at night, bottle spillages or bedwetting in the night-time stage of potty training.

The Carter's Crib Mattress Protector was designed to fit all standard crib mattresses, and can even accommodate crib mattresses that are up to six inches tall. It’s easy to clean, too; just simply throw it in the washing machine; the reinforced threads, protected waterproof lining and high-quality fibres enable it to withstand hundreds of washes. One hundred per cent waterproof, it’s also soft on babies’ delicate skin. $19.99. Buy it here.

Rem-fit 400 Series Waterproof Fitted Sheet Product

Anyone looking for an ecologically-sound choice of waterproof mattress protector would do well to consider the Rem-fit 400 Series Waterproof Fitted Sheet. The natural bamboo fabric ensures that it has a greener footprint, while a ‘miracle membrane’ protects sleepers from dust mites, as well as other allergens.

This is a particularly good purchase for anyone who struggles with night sweats; the wicking fabric moves sweat away from the body allowing you to keep cool and dry. Plus, its moisture management system naturally reduces bacteria, which nips any bad odour in the bud. Available in sizes from a single (and that includes a long single size) right through to small UK doubles, EU standard doubles, plus there are two options of UK and EU superkings, too. From £59.95. Buy it here.

Tempur-fitTM Mattress Protectors

What if, rather than having to shop for the best mattress protector to fit your bed, you could buy a mattress that came with a protector, worth up to £129, factored into the purchase? That’s how Tempur-fitTM’s products are sold, enabling customers to buy well, and buy once. Tempur mattresses feature pressure point relief and excellent support for the back, thus helping you to get both a good night’s sleep and some relief from aches and pains. The complementary mattress protector is ultra-thin, water resistant and breathable. Mattresses start at £1,319. Shop them here.

Organic Crib Waterproof Mattress Protector for Children's Mattress

All the best things we want out of a mattress protector for ourselves go double for our children. If a mattress protector that is made from super soft organic material; that is neither crinkly nor crunchy; that is waterproof and thus keeps your mattress clean and dry; and that wards off dust mites sounds like a recipe for sweet dreams, then that’s what we’ll be after when it comes to crib protectors too. Happily, this one scores high on all points, as well as being extra absorbent for your baby’s comfort. Buy it in a single or twin pack. From £15.95. Shop it here.

Bamboo Best Mattress Protector

Who doesn’t like things that came in neat, sweet packages? We love the apt panda motif on the bag containing this bamboo protector. The good news is that what’s inside happens to be pretty great, too.

Ensuring that your mattress will lead a long and happy life, unbothered by spills and bacteria, the soft, naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial bamboo fabric protects from dust mites and bacteria, while a very thin and totally waterproof layer of Nano TPU™ shields your mattress from spillages and moisture. The best news is, there is none of the crunch-factor traditionally associated with waterproof mattress protectors. As they say, ‘The lightest, most refined combination, that’s perfectly silent. You won’t even know it’s there.’ £19.95 – £50. Shop it here.

Silentnight - Best Waterproof Mattress Protector

Anyone looking for really comprehensive mattress protection would do well to consider Silent Night’s Waterproof Mattress Protector. Not only will it help protects your mattress against spillages and night sweats, but it also comes with a fitted skirt that can wrap all the way around your mattress, covering it entirely.

Featuring a soft touch microfibre surface and a waterproof polypropylene backing, it is 100 per cent effective, as well as being 100 per cent comfortable. Suitable for single beds, doubles and kings, do note that while you can safely wash this mattress protector at 40 degrees, you will need to line-dry it. Prices start from £10. Shop it here.

John Lewis & Partners Specialist Synthetic Waterproof Quilted Mattress Protector

You can always rely on John Lewis to do a thing properly. The soft-quilted top of this protector is designed for comfort, while the reverse features a quiet polyurethane, meaning that there will be no night time crunch factor as you turn over in your sleep.

Its Micro-Fresh® technology ensures that your bed stays fresher for longer, thanks to its ability to stem the growth of odour-causing bacteria, which keeps it 99.9 per cent germ-free while being kind to skin. Do note, this mattress topped should not be used in conjunction with an electric blanket. £30 - £50. Shop it here.

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