You don’t need acres to create a wonderful garden that indulges the sense and relaxes your soul, as proven by these Pinspirational posts. Here’s how to get the look.

For all but the very few, urban living means either no garden or a postage stamp sized one. If you are lucky to fall into the latter camp, reduced space is no reason not to make the most of your city garden. A slab of unadorned concrete is never going to be conducive to relaxation, nut there are many ways to make the most of your space, however diminutive; after all, everyone should be able to have an al fresco candlelit supper on a summer’s evening. We’ve taken to Pinterest for inspiration.

They Do It With Mirrors

Via Pinterest/House & Garden

We adore a patio garden paved with flagstones and festooned with terracotta pots. This one is chic, cosy and conducive to long feasts of rustic bread and cheese.

Get The Look


Midi Sheepie In Ivory, £89

Garden Trading

Swan Neck Light – Silver, £75


Large Black Multi Panelled Garden Outdoor Mirror Arched Window, £134.99

Let There Be Light

Via Pinterest/ © Marianne Majerus

This beautiful city garden is a true sanctuary, its aromatic borders soothing the senses while the soft yellowy light makes the whole affair blissfully mellow. It roundly demonstrates how much better it is to plant cleverly rather than to opt for the often default lawn.

Get The Look

Sarah Raven

Zinc Barrel Planters, Set of 3, £134.95

Castlegate Lights

Astro, NOW £59.99

Cox & Cox

Vichy Corner Set, £1,650

City Meets Country

Via Pinterest/ House & Garden

Emma Sims Hilditch does relaxed country style with elegance and understatement like no other – even when she’s in the city. Her townhouse garden is all about the happy marriage of natural materials and textures: stone, wood and basket-weave come together, all thronged by lavender, to create a small but beautiful – and crucially comfortable – space to linger over al fresco summer suppers.

Get The Look


Tetbury Planter, £145

LSA International

Terrace Storm Lantern, £42


Harrington Carver Chair, £445

By Nancy Alsop
May 2022

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