This elegant new website celebrates emerging makers of homewares and lifestyle accessories.

A reasonable argument in our digital age might be that true craftsmanship and quality are in peril, that technical advances are threatening raw artisanal skill.

Well, close friends, Sinead Coffey and Stef Cherlet, have launched a website that will put such fears to rest. Life Store London’s mission is to give a platform to the talented, unknown creatives toiling in this city and beyond. The site sells one-of-a-kind pieces by a roster of rigorously curated artists.

Its founders say: “A home for independent designers, we believe in thoughtful, quality design. Our aim is to surprise and delight you with fresh finds from carefully considered designers.”

The handmade Pink Wobble Cups by London-based ceramicist Namoi Bikis would surely soothe the soul.

Any one of Hotel Magique’s art prints deserves a place on your walls.

Stoff Studios’ No 2: Pink Cushion is the perfect refresher for a timeworn sofa.

Meanwhile, the site’s pleasing blog, entitled Insider, includes fascinating interviews with featured artists and posts with themes like “the top five art trends for the home” or “the jewellery edit”. Its Instagram feed (@lifestorelondon) is stylish, minimalistic, inspirational – and somehow evocative of a bygone era.

Feeling oppressed by the dominance of digitalisation? Tiring of the homogenous high street? Life Store London feels a million miles away from all of that.

October 2018