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Let There Be Light: 15 Lovely Lampshades

Warm up your interiors in an instant by throwing some excellent shade.

When hotelier Cesar Ritz opened his eponymous hotel in Piccadilly in 1906, he insisted that the lighting in its Palm Court and restaurant should be akin to candlelight and thus flatter all those dining therein. He understood perfectly, then, that nothing has the power to transform a room like its lighting. Over-light a space and the whole place risks becoming cold and clinical; use it too sparingly, and it will appear dingy and unwelcoming.

To strike the balance, we’ll always favour lamps over ceiling lights, and the softer the better; used well, they create little pockets of warm glowing light in a room. We also suggest using them liberally to illuminate gently yet well enough to see by (we favour the softer, yellower lightbulbs over the bright white). All we need next is an armchair, a cup of something warm and a good diverting book, and our winter afternoons are neatly taken care of.

These are just a handful of those that we’d never dream of throwing shade at.

By Nancy Alsop
February 2021

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John Lewis

Morris & Co Pimpernel Lampshade, Jade, £50 – £60


Hindustan Aquamarine Drum Lamp Shade – Large, £250

Charleston Farmhouse Shop

Handpainted Lampsgade ‘Lily’ by Madeleine Bradbury, £247 – £300

Pentreath & Hall

Antique Spot 10” Green Lampshade, £100

Java Lamp Shade, Small, Natural Rattan, £55

Whirling Dervish

15” Lampshade, £175

Joy of Print

Improvisation In Pink, £80

Matilda Goad

Signature Scallop Lampshade In Raffia With Black Trim, £180


Luftmassa, £13


Braided Lampshade in Natural, £79.95

Cressida Bell

Paw Print Lampshade – Red Gold, £100

Molly Mahon

Lampshade Flat Bagri Pink, £175


40cm Straight Empire Gathered Lampshade, £69

House Of Hackney

Artemis Marlow Velvet Lampshade, £280

Rosi De Ruig

Pleated Tumeric, £115

Nancy Alsop


Nancy is a magpie for the best in design and culture.