The automatic energy switching service, Flipper, is here to make your life a whole lot easier.

Created in partnership with Flipper

Do you know who your energy supplier is? Or how much you pay each month? Or even how much energy you use? No? You’re not alone.

But you probably do know that switching your supplier could save you heaps of cash. So why haven’t you switched? Because it’s a hassle, it’s confusing and you don’t have the time?

Allow us to introduce Flipper.

Established in 2016, Flipper was the first-ever automatic energy switching service. It has helped tens of thousands of UK households to save over £13,500,000 on their energy bills. Flipper only switches to Ofgem-approved suppliers and you can choose to only be switched to tariffs from the bigger suppliers or just renewable (green) energy tariffs if you wish. It is truly independent and takes no commission from any of the energy providers.

Mark Gutteridge, Flipper’s MD says: “Our mission is to provide a fair and transparent energy switching service, giving customers peace of mind that they will never overpay for their energy.”

“We’ve made the tedious and complicated process of comparing and switching energy hassle-free for our members. We search the market for them and then flip them to the best gas and electricity deals we can find, from the widest possible range of suppliers – including some tariffs you won’t find on the big price comparison sites.”

“And we don’t just do it once. We keep checking every month and will switch them automatically every time we find a better energy deal. No need to compare ever again.”

Here is how it works: You sign up for free via the website. Then, each month, Flipper’s smart technology checks the market for a better energy deal than you are currently on across all Ofgem-approved providers.

If they find tariff that will save you more than £50 a year they automatically ‘flip’ you to it. Only once you’ve accepted your first flip do you pay the small annual membership fee of £30.

Flipper take responsibility for handling all aspects of the switch, making the whole process seamless, and then manage communications with the supplier on behalf of the customer all year round.

You lose the hassle and admin and gain the certainty that you aren’t overpaying for your energy.

Mark is proud of the level of service provided by his team of energy experts and the fact that Flipper are rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot: “I love telling people about Flipper as it’s such a great service and makes things so easy for the customer. When I told my father-in-law about it he signed up straight away and then told all of his friends about it!”

Luke Boxall, from Bristol, is one of Flipper’s 20,000 happy members. He took his family on a holiday to Cape Town this summer with the savings he’s made.

“There’s no way I could have switched myself to all those different tariffs all the time to make sure that I got the best deal,” he says. “I would definitely recommend Flipper to family and friends without hesitation.”

John Irvine, from Teeside, is another. He explains: “I had previously switched energy suppliers myself several times, but the switching process was always a nuisance.

“With Flipper, it’s so easy. They do the work for you and let you know every time they find you a better deal. I’m telling as many people as I can about them!”

David Gregory, who lives in the West Midlands, has saved enough money as a Flipper member to install solar panels on his family home.

He recalls: “I had moved house and ended up with the supplier [that] the previous owners had been with. I’d never switched energy supplier before and an old friend recommended Flipper to me. The service is simple, quick and easy, and exceeded my expectations.”

It seems there’s a flipping easy way to avoid ever overspending on energy bills again.

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