Want to make your very own Easter wreath for spring? Got an internet connection? Five craft bloggers share their unique Spring decor ideas.

Then, there’s no excuse thanks to a mass of online craft tutorials that allow creative-types to connect globally and share their knowledge with us mere mortals. It’s never been easier to learn a new skill. We are here to inspire you and have found five quick and easy DIY Easter wreath online tutorials to bring some spring craft and cheer into your home. Hang your Easter wreath on your front door to welcome guests or decorate your living space. All of these wreaths are quick and easy to make. Glue gun, at the ready.

Paper Daffodil Wreath by Classic Play

Create an easy paper daffodil wreath following clear instructions from Classic Play, a craft website where ‘having kids is cool’. The site has parenting, travel ideas and art projects to inspire the next generation to grow up curious and creative. All you need to create this paper daffodil wreath is some white and yellow paper, cotton swabs, yellow food colouring and a simple styrofoam wreath. It takes about 90 minutes to create.

Bunny Wreath by Sprinkle Some Fun

Mother-of-five Rachel set up a blog in 2008 called Bubbly Nature Creations. Over the years, this changed and it is now called Sprinkle Some Fun but the goal is the same; to share ideas that bring families together for home-cooked food or DIY projects. Grab your glue gun, and some floral wires and follow her Bunny Wreath tutorial for Easter inspiration.

DIY Tulip Wreath by How-To Mom

Think out of the box this Easter and create a spring wreath out of fake flowers. When Kylie Harris, creator of the How-To Mom blog posted a picture of her own tulip wreath on Instagram and Facebook, she was flooded with requests for a tutorial. She published an easy-to-follow guide so you can make your own at home. For more of her easy crafts and simple tips, check out her Pinterest page.

Felt Easter Bunny Wreath by Hobbycraft

If there is one DIY arty site that you can lose hours on, Hobbycraft is the one. It is an online haven for arts, crafts, sewing and baking. Here, Caroline Giles has created an Easter wreath using wool and felt to make pretty flowers using a variety of different techniques.

Hobbycraft is the UK’s no.1 craft blog and it’s full of Easter wreath ideas including how to crochet an Amigurumi Easter Wreath, how to make a bright Easter egg wreath, how to make a floral Spring wreath and how to decorate a Spring bunny wreath.

Easter Candy Wreath by Anna and Blue

This Easter Candy Wreath is a particularly affordable alternative for a cheeky Easter wreath that is a little more interesting than the norm. All you need is ribbon, a few packets of Cadbury Mini Eggs, a Styrofoam wreath, ribbon and your trusty hot glue gun. Remember Easter wreaths work just as well hanging on the front door as they do as a centerpiece on the kitchen table.

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