You don’t need these clever designers to do up your houses – you can just buy their wares instead.

When the society decorator Jane Churchill began selling signature bed linen, lamps and shades in the 1980s, she started a rich tradition of interior designers flogging pretty things for the home. Many have wisely followed.

If you have never visited the bricks and mortar shops of Robert Kime or Nina Campbell, for instance, you are missing a trick. Pentreath & Hall, the shop in Bloomsbury that Ben Pentreath runs with his friend, the artist Bridie Hall, is such a pleasure it is worth a trip to London for. Each of these are great sources of treats, presents and inspiration, which are all gilded by the excellent taste of their owners.

But recently, with websites and Instagram making it all so easy, all of Britain’s smartest decorators have turned into virtual shopkeepers. Here are some of the very best.

Beata Heuman

Born in Sweden, Heuman set up her interior design practice in London in 2013. In 2020, she launched her online shop. Here, she has applied her quirky modern aesthetic to some fabulous furniture, cushions, rugs, lighting and trinkets. We like her stylish, solid brass handles best of all. Heuman says: ‘There is little I enjoy more than the thrill of stepping into a world created by a shopkeeper, particularly for the first time, finding an assortment of beautiful objects and dreaming of the possibilities they promise.’ Shop the collection here.

Flora Soames

Flora Soames launched her dreamy, old-fashioned fabric collection with great fanfare in 2019. Sophisticated and smart, it was inspired by antique remnants she’s collected throughout her life. Once it burst into our consciousness, we found it hard to let go. So thank God she followed with a product line to keep our hearts aflutter. Her Enid’s Garland eiderdown is the stuff of dreams. Beware: there are no prices on her website. Just saying. Shop the collection here.

Turner Pocock

When Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock joined forces to create their design studio in 2007, a beautiful thing happened in the world of interiors. It was only a matter of time before the creators of some of the most distinctive interiors in the last decade turned their hand to designing furniture. First, they collaborated with Lorfords to make ottomans, sofas and armchairs of exquisite beauty and comfort and then they added bobbin furniture for Chelsea Textiles to their roster. The only thing to do is save up and then splurge. Shop the collection here.

Studio Duggan

The interior design business Studio Duggan opened their shop in 2019. Their painted reeded furniture graces the pages of the best interiors magazines but the ruffled bed linen is beyond alluring. Enchanting, feminine good taste abounds throughout the range. Shop the collection here.

Salvesen Graham

The thing about this British design duo is that you can always trust them to know what is nice. It will come as no surprise that everything they offer in their online shop is covetable. Our award for the most lusted after piece, however, goes to the Cane Oversized Mirror in Forest. Long may their shopkeeping bug last. Shop the collection here.

Rosanna Bossom

Bossom helped Rifat Ozbek design the private members’ club 5 Hertford Street, so she knows a thing or two about comfort and quality. Now she has curated a collection of lovely things for the home, combining the old with the new and modern accessories with bespoke furniture. Which brings us to her Bobbin Fender. We simply cannot get this heavenly item – designed, incidentally, for non-working fireplaces – out of our minds. Shop the collection here.

Jessica Buckley

A trip to Edinburgh isn’t complete without a visit to interior designer Jessica Buckley’s shop but the website is a jolly good consolation prize. Once you’ve entered this pretty zone, you’ll forget why you ever shopped anywhere else. The big-ticket items, like cushions and luggage racks, are endlessly delightful but there is a special place in our hearts for the pen pots and wastepaper bins. Shop the collection here.

Rita Konig

For a time, Nina Campbell’s decorator daughter sold lots of pretty things on her website but she appears not to any longer. Luckily, her collaboration with the Lacquer Company lives on. Her Belles Rives trays are to be found, perfectly styled, on the smartest ottomans up and down the land. Shop the collection here.

By Becky Ladenburg
April 2022

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