Inject some dash and colour into your kitchen game with these vividly-hued brands’ offerings.

Gone are the days of hiding away your pots and pans in kitchen cupboards when not in use. Stove-tops have taken over from mantles and ‘shelfies’ as the new ‘curated space’, a place to showcase your best statement coloured cookware in ceramic and enamel finishes. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your modern minimalist kitchen, or some pretty pastels to your country Aga, here’s seven of our favourite coloured cookware brands, plus some tips on how to clean your enamel equipment.

Scratching And Chipping

Enamel-coated cast-iron cookware, made famous by the likes of Le Creuset, is highly durable. But to prevent chipping or scratching to the enamel, avoid using metal utensils when cooking. Do also remember, putting an empty pan on a high heat or submerging a hot pan in cold water can lead to a weakening of the enamel coating.


Avoid citrus-based detergents or cleaners as the acidity can dull the gloss of an enamel finish. Also ditch using metal scourers on stubborn stains, instead allowing the pot to return to room temperature before sprinkling with baking soda and a little water to make a natural, yet effective scrub.


Enamel cast iron cookware does not need to be seasoned before use and is great for retaining heat and distributing it evenly. It is worth remembering that enamel finishes aren’t ‘non-stick’; the best way to stop food from sticking is to start with a medium heat and use an oil when cooking.

7 Of The Best Coloured Cookware

Always Pan

You may have seen the US brand, Our Place on your social feeds lately, specifically with its Always Pan. Designed to replace eight conventional kitchen pieces - you can use just one cleverly designed stackable pan to fry, sear, steam, strain, sauté, boil and serve. Available in eight on-trend matte colours, from pastel lilac to a millennial blush. We love the red. Shop Always Pan here.

Le Creuset

The brand most likely to first spring to mind when you think of enamel cast-ironware is Le Creuset – and rightly so. Conceived in 1925 by two Belgian industrialists, one of whom specialised in cast-iron, the other in enamelling, together they created the original cocotte prototype and, in so doing brought colour to the kitchen for the first time. Their volcanic orange range, with retro wood handles, gives a vintage nostalgic feel to any stove-top. Or, if you’re looking for a modern twist on the classic design, opt for one of the newer pastel shades. Shop Le Creuset here.


If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, Procook has a great range of enamelled cast-ironware. We like the ombre-effect turquoise tone with smart chrome finishing for a modern take on these hard-wearing pans. Shop Procook here.


Designed by Italian brand Sambonet for Made, this beautiful cast-iron pot takes the traditional terracotta design and updates it in a colourful, durable cast-iron finish that’s non-stick and dishwasher proof. Simple lines and bold colours: the perfect combination. Shop Made here.

Green Pan

Green’s Pan’s eco range has a Scandi feel in a duck-egg blue finish with ash-wood handles. The non-stick Thermolon ceramic coating is free from PFAS and toxic chemicals (which can be found in some non-stick coatings), making them a beautiful and conscious choice for a healthier home. Shop Green Pan here.


Staub’s heritage pans can be proudly taken from hob to table in a rainbow of glossy enamel finishes. The range includes traditional cocottes, casseroles, pans and even a fondue set. Investment cookware that will become a workhorse of any foodie’s kitchen arsenal. Shop Staub here.

Kitchen Aid

Not just the purveyors of kitchen gadgetry, Kitchen Aid also has a full range of modern cast-iron grills and pots. Its griddle doubles as an ingenious panini press – perfect for next level at-home toasties this winter. Shop Kitchen Aid here.

By Lydia Mansi
September 2021

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