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20 Really Beautiful Decanters

Elevate your festive imbibing with this crop of showstopping carafes and decanters.

There is, we find, a duality at Christmas, as our amply filled cups runneth over – frequently literally. It is a moment when we are both at our most childlike (ideally with awe and wonder, not fighting with siblings or throwing tantrums); and yet it is also when we feel we must demonstrate to visitors our easy aptitude for being exceptionally grown-up sophisticates.

And so the usual IKEA cutlery remains shut away while we ritually lay the table with a handed-down dinner service (or indeed, some tarnished old knives and forks from the local flea market for similar effect). Our erroneous ideas of being ‘with’ the current music is mercifully dispensed with as we amp up Carols from King’s. And nor can we fathom pouring wine – or any other festive tipple, for that matter – direct from the bottle like savages.

No, for the Christmas period, we shall be decanting everything in sight. And we shall be performing this mass decantation with the aid of this crop of dazzlingly lovely carafes. Dot a few down the Christmas table and you’re guaranteed to feel that you’ve transformed your kitchen table into a stray from the set of The Crown. These are the twenty vessels with which we recommend you get merry with panache.

By Nancy Alsop
December 2020

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Dungarvan Decanter & DOF Set, £270


Amadeo Fatto A Mano Crystal Glass Decanter 1.5L, £395


Mami XL Decanter, £45

Antonio Citterio

Decanter, 2004, £90


Mila Decanter Dark Emerald, £39.95

Massimo Lunardon

Robin Vessell, £250


Ono Decanter, £70

David Mellor

Bar Spirit Decanter


Pandanus Insulated Jug, £95


Alba Whisky Decanter – Short, £243

LSA International

Whisky Club Decanter 1.05L, £100

John Lewis

Royal Selangor Whale Decanter, £279.65


Tecno Wine Decanter, £58


Decanter, NOW £75

Summerill & Bishop

Hand Blown Glass Elephant Decanter, £450

Villeroy & Boch

Vinobile Pinot Noir Red Wine Decanter, £149


Abeeko Decanter, £39.95


Performance Glass Decanter 1L, £40

Design House Stockholm

Fia Carafe Clear Black, £54

Richard Brendon

Diamond Decanter, £255

Nancy Alsop


Nancy is a magpie for the best in design and culture.