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Top 12 Best Tiles

Add colour, pattern and texture to kitchens and bathrooms with these terrific tiles. If you’re in the process of renovating your bathroom or kitchen, it’s likely that you’re currently knee-deep in Pinterest boards featuring enough tiles to make you go cross-eyed.

Should you keep things simple and inexpensive with white retro Metro tiles? Or go Moroccan-inspired? What about geometric patterns? Will bold colours be a breath of fresh air, or become a statement you fast wish you’d never made? There are so many to choose, from, but here is the good news: we’ve done the rooting around in every corner of the web, to bring you our pick of the prettiest tiles to bring you joy every day.

Here we round up twelve of the best tiles on the market to add an original and beautiful touch to any room.

By Lucy Ablesthauser
January 2020

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Maude Smith

Printed And Glazed Ceramic Tile, £10 per tile

Maitland & Poate

Handmade Triangular Tile, £7 per tile

Petra Palumbo

Hand Painted Star Sign Tile, £34 per tile

Milk Concept Boutique

Macchine Volanti By Fornasetti, £680 For Set of 24

Rory Dobner

Fish On A Fag Break Tile, £38

Claybrook Studio

Xanadu Salmon Mosaic Tile, £7.38

Fired Earth

Nebula Green Hexagon Tiles, £9.60 each

Malborough Tiles

Fish 6 Panel, £46.37 per panel

Bert and May

Green Pradena Tile, £5 per tile

Sarah Balineum

Lioness and Palm Tiles, £28.80 per tile

Tiles Direct

Scintilla Black Star Tile, £5.07 per tile

Day True

Popham, Hex Star Indigo, £109.70 per box