Repainting the house is one of the most pleasing decorative tasks there is. Next time you’re due a repaint, these are the eco paint brands to know.

The popularity of eco paint grew exponentially over The Lockdown Years. And little wonder – as we sought to improve our immediate environs as a means of cheering ourselves up, it seems that we also kept a conscious eye on the materials we were surrounding ourselves with day after day and their impact on our health and wellbeing.

Colours that mimic nature – not to mention plants themselves – within the home ¬have been popular through the pandemic and beyond, thanks to their calming and grounding influence. Alongside this, consumers have also been seeking out independent paint makers who are creating their hues sustainably, using naturally sourced pigments to double-down on the bringing-nature-in feel.

Whilst there is no governing industry definition when it comes to eco paint, the general rule of thumb is that its ingredients should be non-toxic and sustainably sourced, while the manufacturing process must be kinder to the planet, with no chemicals leaching into the surrounding environment and fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds – the fumes that give off that new paint smell). Whilst it’s impossible for a paint to be VOC-free, in high levels these gases, which can last for weeks in the home, can cause issues for asthma sufferers, as well as headaches and nausea.

If you want to give your home a seasonal refresh whilst ensuring your paint has the best eco credentials, here are seven brands to start with, all offering the gold star in sustainable DIY.

Main image: Earthborn Paints


Launched mid-pandemic, climate-positive paint brand Coat has thought about its impact at every turn – from the clever peel-and-stick tester squares which reduce 95 per cent of the waste of tester pots, to its low VOC water-based paints. Even its paint trays, rollers and brushes are B-Corp certified, made from sustainable bamboo. With each batch made fresh with zero-waste, Coat is thinking big for the future of paint, with carbon-neutral delivery and a scheme that allows customers to return unused paint and tins for recycling. Explore the colours here.

Edward Bulmer Paint

‘Paint made from plants’ is Edward Bulmer’s tagline. And indeed, in accordance with this, the paints are natural, plant-derived pigments in breathable, low-VOC formulas that are refreshingly odourless, plastic-free and carbon-neutral in production. The range of nursery paints is perfect for creating safe spaces for little ones, all in pretty pastel hues. Explore the colours here.

House of Hackney

For every tin of paint sold in House of Hackney’s ‘The Art of Nature’ collection, 35sqm of forest is purchased and protected in partnership with the World Land Trust. Expect bold hues straight from nature - think deep lush greens, aubergine-y purples and cerulean blues. As bold as their prints, yet with a gentle approach to nature. Explore the colours here.

Little Greene

Green by name, green by nature. Little Greene is a family-run paint brand, made in the UK with a long-term focus on minimal impact, low VOC, natural paints. This May it is launching its Re:mix collection: twenty colours made from up to 60,000 litres of waste paint – unwanted or left-over tins, reformulated into beautiful new limited-edition matt tones. Upcycling, but not as we know it. Explore the colours here.


If you’re looking for a tough, wipeable paint brand for a conscious family home, Lick offers great peel-and-stick samples to trial its range of colours – including some collaboration shades with the likes of Kelly Hoppen and Living Etc. There is a range of finishes to choose from, with those suitable for surfaces including concrete, wood and even UPVC, thus allowing you to give your whole home an eco make-over. Explore the colours here.


Earthborn carries the prestigious EU Eco Label for its ‘almost VOC free’, vegan-friendly paints. They’re also approved by the Safety of Toys Standard, making them great for nurseries, playrooms and furniture. Try the ‘clay paint’ in an array of earthy tones – a creamy texture that needs fewer coats than conventional paint and dries with a smooth, matte finish. Explore the colours here.


Fulham Road-based Eico boasts the ‘lowest VOCs of any paint sold in the UK’. It is manufactured using mineral pigments in Iceland and Sweden using 100 per cent geothermic, hydro and wind power. Choose from 108 colours with next-day delivery, or Eico will colour-match your perfect shade in a range of matt, eggshell, satin and chalk finishes. Explore the colours here.

By Lydia Mansi
May 2022

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