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The official towel supplier to Wimbledon and Ascot Racecourse is the place to go for a linen-cupboard refresh.

They’ve been making towels at Christy since 1850. Yes, you read that right. In 1850, Henry Christy returned to England from Turkey, bringing with him the idea of a looped pile fabric that could be used for drying off. His first terry towels were shown at the Great Exhibition in 1851. Queen Victoria was given a set, she ordered more and the rest is history…

Today, the company still stocks its Royal Turkish Towel as well as luxurious bathrobes, bath mats, bed linens and accessories. They are also the official supplier of towels to Wimbledon and Ascot Racecourse.

When you need to refresh your linen cupboard, look no further than this proud, heritage brand. Here, we pick six of our favourites from Christy.

Supreme Hygro Bath Sheet

Envelope yourself in a towel fit for a queen.

Wimbledon Guest Towel

Keep the tournament spirit alive all year round with this witty hand towel.

Brixton Slippers

Make home feel like a hotel with a pair of cotton towelling slippers.

Ascot Tea Towel

As vibrant as the summer, this tea towel will put joy into your drying up.

Faraday Robe

Sophisticated and comfortable, every day will feel like a holiday in this dressing gown.

Cashmere bed socks

Let’s face it, nothing says relaxation or luxury like a cashmere bed sock.