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Best Sites for Energy Saving and The Environment

Sites to help you save money on your costly heat and electric bills and save the environment.

Now that we find ourselves in the depths of winter, here’s a round up of the best sites to help you reduce those costly heating and electric bills and generally make your life that little more green. Filled with useful tips, that not only reduce the cost of your monthly outgoings, but promote the health and wealth of our planet, these sites can help you implement small changes that bring significant results. From changing suppliers to switching off appliances at night – here’s the very best advice and information on reducing that deadly carbon footprint. 

The Energy Saving Trust

This brilliant site - full of impartial, independent advice on the best way to save energy, also includes a database of grants from government agencies that will subsidise your efforts to green your home. With well-researched information on a wide variety of solar panels and heating, this really is a one-stop shop for renewable technology. Geekify yourself in all things green – they’ll even help you find an installer…

The Green Apple

This site is just genius – browse an incredible array of eco friendly and ethically sourced products from around the globe. Reflect your commitment to green living with your stylish, environmentally conscious choice of clothes, bags and shoes. Need another reason to shop? We don’t! Stocking everything from jewellery, right through to gift-wrapping and kitchen appliances - you can literally stock your entire home with ethically sourced products that won’t leave a messy carbon footprint on your nice clean carpets.

A Shade Greener

This incredible company really does take eco living to a whole new level with its free installation and maintenance of solar panels. A Shade Greener will literally pitch up at your house, fit the panels to your roof and allow you to kick back and enjoy the benefits of free solar energy whilst you book your holiday abroad with all the money you’re saving on those costly monthly bills.

The Energy Helpline

The Energy Helpline is a dedicated switching service that will endeavour to provide you with the same monthly service as your current suppliers, yet at a fraction of the price. Fully accredited, the site saved the average consumer 16% last year. Not a statistic to be sniffed at.

Cocoon Your Home

Independent, not for profit comparison site Cocoon your home takes the energy switching service to a whole new level with its comparison of insulation, solar and energy prices all in one go. Further, the site will direct you to free insulation for the over 70s as well as connecting you with a whole host of subsidised grants for wall insulation with competitive estimates taking into account price, speed and service.

Recycle Now

Whether you’re a complete newbee or an old pro, this brilliant website will address all your recycling queries. From composting your scraps to trading in electricals and other unwanted items, the site will tell you all you need to know about how to dispose of that clutter accumulated over the festive season - without damaging the environment.

Our Future Planet

This online community and think tank is an incredible resource for those of you who not only wish to learn about the damaging effects of consumerism on our planet, but hoping to link up with all those other forward thinking environmentalists out there doing everything in their power to change the way we think and behave. Take five minutes from the daily grind to scour this site, it will literally rearrange you on a cellular level – no bad thing when you’re considering those New Year Resolutions.

Do the Green Thing

Simple, well designed and easy to use this public service site is focuses on seven core ideals for a greener life. The user friendly not for profit service, full of inspiring stories and helpful videos from creatives around the globe, focuses on quick straightforward targets to change not only your life, but the health, wealth and prosperity of our planet. Definitely worth a look on a lunch-break.


Last but not least – Greenpeace – going since the 1970’s is still the front runner in the battle to protect our world from the effects of overfishing, global warming, deforestation and nuclear issues. The site itself is full of suggestions on how you can make green causes a part of your life, even with a five to ten minute commitment per day. How much change would we see in the world if we all gave just five minutes?