Traditional caning has cropped up on everything from lampshades to sideboards in 2019 and the trend looks set to continue.

There was a time when OKA’s cane chairs surrounded the dining table of every newly wed Sloane in the Home Counties.

There was a time before that – the 1970s – when white cane furniture mingled with hanging plants in every style-conscious conservatory in the land.

Marie Antoinette is said to have sat on a caned chair to style her memorable hair at the Petit Trianon in the eighteenth century.

Way before even that, though, the skilled artisans of Asia and Africa incorporated the material that comes from the skin of the rattan plant (the cane) into their specialised techniques for making furniture. Tutankhamun is said to have been buried with a cane bed in his tomb as long ago as 1323 BC.

The brilliant interiors website, Apartment Therapy has this to say about it the process behind it:

“Rattan is a climbing vine-like plant in the palm family... It is most commonly found in Indonesia. Rattan grows in strong, solid stalks that can extend hundreds of feet as it climbs toward the sunlight in dense tropical forests.

“It is harvested without harming trees, and there are currently efforts underway to ensure its sustainability... Once the rattan is harvested, its thorns and joints are removed and its bark is separated from its core. The bark is processed into thin strands, which are woven to make caned furniture and other objects.”

Now, the trend that never lies dormant for long is back with a bang. Light, cool and (so far) sustainable, caning detail is having a major moment in our homes again. We keep seeing it in restaurants, on plant pots, on handbags, on radiator covers – and throughout the interiors websites we love.

Here, we’ve found 10 of the best sites for the coolest caning.

Matilda Goad

For a while now, we’ve loved the pretty stylist de nos jours for her scalloped planters and brightly coloured cutlery but her Cane Lampshades , which have a pink trim and are available in several sizes, have truly stolen our hearts. House & Garden magazine describes Goad’s look as “English country whimsy with a kick of contemporary zing” and declares her to have “an uncanny ability to tap in to the zeitgeist”. Need we say more?

Perch & Parrow

Beautifully designed interior accessories are the order of the day at the London-based website, Perch & Parrow. They say: “Our style experts source the latest trends and materials to build a collection of beautifully custom designed, high-quality furniture pieces and accessories to spruce up any interior.” Make like Marie Antoinette herself with their regal Botticelli Armchair, carved out of ash and backed with traditional caning.

Pentreath & Hall

In 2016, British architect and decorator Ben Pentreath set up a shop (and website) full of glorious trinkets with his friend, the decorative artist Bridie Hall. It should surprise nobody that these inventive arbiters of taste slapped colourful caning on thick sheets of paper and came up with gift-wrapping gold. Their glorious Regency Caning print is also available on bins, box files and cushions.


This brilliant British site, selling unique, handmade, solid-wood furniture has combined chunky mango wood with on-point caning for its Raphael range. We love the cupboard but wouldn’t say no to a side table or chair in it either.

CLJ Home

There are only two problems with textile designer Charlotte Lawson Johnston’s exquisite Slatcane Collection. One is whether to choose the “light” or “bold” version and the other is which of the eight stunning colourways to go for. This fabric encapsulates a fresh and airy aesthetic that is inspired by Charlotte’s nomadic upbringing in South Africa, the Bahamas and America’s east coast. Imagine the caning featured on those verandas! Just gorgeous.


You hardly need us to extol the virtues of the biggest furniture giant of our times. But Ikea’s Gronadal Rocking Chair is too good to leave out. The caned backrest and seat of this pretty little number are woven by hand – and it comes with a pleasing 10-year guarantee.


The caning trend is beautifully played out on these Uma Cane Vases from sustainable, artisan lifestyle store, Nkuku. The light and natural cane sleeve is removable from the glass vessels – which also come as carafes, glasses and tea lights – for easy cleaning. A subtle but satisfying homage to cane, this one.


The designers at interiors stalwart MADE get so much right for the way we live now. They value the fashion for caning enough to have produced a fabulous bed in it. The Reema Double Bed is at once vintage and timeless in its vibe. You are sure to sleep like a dream amid its clean and natural lines.

Rockett St George

Funky homewares are assured at Rockett St George. When its founders were once asked in an interview if trends are important to them, their response was: “Yes and no. It is important to recognise them and then do it your way! Every home is unique and it shows the personality and character of all who live within it.” Voila: this Woven Cane and Velvet Ceiling Light is Rockett St George doing this trend their way. Caning? Tick. Velvet? Tick. Mustard? Tick. What is not to like?

Cox & Cox

Are you part of Generation Rent? Soon to be on the move again? There is no reason why your interiors can’t be as voguish as a homeowner’s. Check out Cox & Cox’s new Rattan Webbing Screen. Fresh, versatile and unimposing, this clever piece of furniture – which would be excellent for sectioning off open-plan living areas – can come with you wherever you go.

By Becky Ladenburg

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