Upgrade your kitchen counters with these beautiful and hard-working gadgets.

One room in our house symbolises our interiors aesthetic more than any other. That room is, of course, the kitchen. Thought of by many as the heart of the home, it is also a short-hand for our interiors leanings – from chic, minimal units and state-of-the-art appliances paired with cool, neutral tones to cottage core vibes with the obligatory Aga, stack of well-thumbed cookbooks, baskets and scrubbed oak table at its centre. Whichever end of the minimal-to-maximal spectrum you lean towards, we round up some stylish gadgets to add to your counter-top this spring, from electronic wizardry to good old-fashioned beautiful design.

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Smeg Coffee Machine

If you’re looking for authentic Barista-style coffee at home without having to give over half of your kitchen surface to a monstrosity of a machine, this small but mighty, oh-so pretty model from Smeg comes in a range of spring pastels. Delivering your morning cuppa with a side order of style. £319.95. Buy it here.

Marcato Pasta Maker

Beautifully unbothered by tech, this classic pasta maker will turn out silky soft ribbons of homemade pasta, effortlessly – all whilst looking stylish on your counter between batches. £99. Buy it here.

Sage Ice Cream Machine

The Smart Scoop from Sage is the first at-home ice cream maker that automatically senses the hardness of your gelato and freezes it to exactly the right consistency, whether you’re making frozen yoghurt, sorbet or soft-scoop. It will then keep your frozen dessert at ready-to-eat temperature for up to three hours… if you can wait that long. £349.95. Buy it here.

Vorwerk Thermomix

With its ’20-in-1’ capabilities, it could be argued that the Thermomix’s £1000+ price tag will save you money (and space) on your counter-top. Rendering pretty much all other kitchen gadgets obsolete, its video touch screen can take you step-by-step through a 50,000-strong library of recipes and then weigh, chop, grind, sauté, cook, knead and whip – all in one bowl. A massive investment, but one that may pay off for the reluctant – or clueless – cook. £1,149. Buy it here.

Click and Grow Smart Garden

Do you reliably fail to keep your pots of herbs from the supermarket alive for more than a couple of weeks? Click and Grow’s Smart Garden is the answer to your prayers. The clever high-tech indoor garden regulates and automatically waters your growing herbs and veg, whilst providing them with just the right amount of artificial light and nutrients to ensure they thrive. Perfect for apartment living if you’re itching to grow your own, or for those less than green-fingered foodies who love the idea of having fresh produce at their fingertips. €199.95. Buy it here.

Stelton Collar Espresso Maker

Sleek, matte black Teflon with a tactile wooden handle, this stove-top espresso maker from Stelton has bags of Scandi design appeal, while delivering a full-bodied brew for the foodie, too. Win-win. £73.95. Buy it here.

Dualit Chrome and Copper Kettle

This stylish copper and chrome kettle from Dualit is whisper-quiet (perfect for open-plan living) and oh-so pleasing, gleaming back at you from your counter in the morning. With in-built water filters and cordless design, it proves you can have style and substance in your kitchen gadgets. £146. Buy it here.

Cuisinart Cordless Blender

As we venture further from home, this cordless blender comes into its own. It’s perfect for whizzing up smoothies and dips at picnics or while camping (it can blitz eight in a row before running out of juice). But, perhaps more excitingly, it’s the perfect garden gadget to have on hand to shake up a cocktail, al fresco. £100. Buy it here.

Philippe Starck for Alessi Citrus Squeezer

A design classic and still a bestseller for a reason, this citrus squeezer designed for Alessi by Philippe Starck deserves to stand proud on any counter top with its rocket ship silhouette and sleek chrome finish. Rumour has it that Alessi gave Starck the brief to deliver a tray design, but the ‘Salif’ squeezer came to him in a flash of inspiration in a pizzeria in Italy, sketched on the back of a napkin. And thus the iconic design was born. Buy it here.

Will Alsop for Alessi Grind Salt And Pepper Grinders

Another vote for Alessi, this time courtesy of architects Will Alsop and Federico Grazzini. This knock-out pair – which come in chrome or black – are slick works of art, but they also really, really work. Designed with the idea of dispensing with that annoying trail of salt or pepper residue, they are that hallowed thing espoused by William Morris: practical and beautiful. £94. Buy it here.

By Lydia Mansi
April 2021

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