Savannah Miller tells us who she follows on Instagram, her online pet hates and the newsletter that she relies on.

As far as fashion credentials go, they run sky high for this week’s guest editor Savannah Miller. She is Alexander McQueen’s former assistant, has worked alongside Matthew Willamson and created a fashion line with her sister Sienna Miller. The internet played a large part in her success and Savannah has much to thank Instagram for. She met her former design partner Molly Guy of Stone Fox Bride through the platform and now describes her as ‘like a sister’. The collaboration was so successful that she started her own eponymous line. Her American partners are Lovely Bride.

Good news for the single girls; Savannah’s eponymous bridal collection is every bit as free-spirited as you’d suppose. ‘The whole collection was inspired by my bohemian, English upbringing,’ says Savannah. ‘I remember hazy summer days spent playing in cornfields and daydreaming in the country.’ It’s not just for the boho; traditional types will like the Lola with its lacy sleeves and city brides would rock the bridal jumpsuit or white tuxedo. Savannah Miller Bridal gowns are priced between £1,000 and £3,395.

Here, Savannah shares a glimpse into her online life; who she follows on Instagram, online pet hates and the newsletter that she relies on.

My favourite website... Debenhams - I’m totally in love with Debenhams, it's so convenient as it’s a fab one stop shop. They offer super fast delivery, which I love.

My favourite app... Uber - I love the speed and convenience of it when I am working in London or New York and trying to cram five days into two. I have three kids and live in the countryside so being able to be super efficient when I am in town is really important so that I can get back home to be with them ASAP!

My blog of choice... Elle Strauss - By my fashion editor friend. She has a great style blog. I love her taste and it’s a really great way for me to stay connected to style and trend in a way that is relatable to me. She consults for me on my bridal label as well as being the fashion director of Brides Magazine in New York so is an invaluable source of inspiration for me.

My internet hero... The Fat Jewish - Created by Josh Ostrovsky. He makes me laugh every day.

My most recent buy online... some lipstick - From my new beauty line at Bagsy Beauty. It's the perfect shade of red. Not too bright and not too dark, just right in the middle, in a really classic old Hollywood way. It suits a myriad of skin tones.

Book just downloaded/read... ‘Fates and Furies’ by Lauren Groff. - I loved the concept of a story told from two people’s sides. It was really interesting and relatable. Often in relationships, I think we all tell ourselves our own story and it was interesting to see it relayed this way.

Favourite tweeter... I’m not a big tweeter, to be honest.

My favourite instagrammer… @thefatjewish – Again!

Social media allowed me to meet... Molly Guy who I collaborated with on a collection for her company Stone Fox Bride. It was my first bridal collection and my love affair with bridal began.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... my children’s school newsletter - Without it, I would miss everything. I have too many balls in the air.

Pet hate about life online... Haters. I have no time for the meanness.

Standout online memory... Seeing that David Bowie had died.

February 217

Photo credits: William Garrett for Brides magazine
Other photo: Country and Town House magazine