Neisha Crosland, internationally renowned surface pattern designer, shares her favourite websites.

Neisha Crosland is an internationally renowned surface pattern designer, and is recognised for her sophisticated colour combinations, impeccable attention to balance and proportion, and beautiful motifs. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1984, Neisha’s work has propelled her to the forefront of the design world. The recipient of numerous major awards including Royal Designer for Industry, Neisha designs products ranging from fabrics, rugs, tiles and wallpapers, to fine china, stationery, and home and fashion accessories.

Her new book, Neisha Crosland: Life Of A Pattern (Merrell Publishers) explores the evolution of her beautiful designs from the first creative spark to the finished product, and is a wonderful source of inspiration for anyone with an interest in decorative arts and design.


Dr Harris - We’re kept in constant supply of almond oil soap from this lovely chemists and perfumers in London’s St James’s. I even take a bar of the soap with me when I travel, popping it in my suitcase so that my clothes are infused with the scent on arrival! Dr Harris was established in 1790 and it still has its authentic, old-fashioned charm but you can place an order at the touch of a button if you can’t visit the shop itself.

The Land Gardeners - I think The Land Gardeners, Henrietta Courtauld and Bridget Elworthy, are brilliant. They work from the soil upwards and they even deliver and arrange the flowers they grow. They do everything from designing gardens to holding workshops and researching soil health, and their website is fun, pretty and utterly charming.

Ottolenghi - This is great for keeping the larder stocked with all of those specialist spices and ingredients – Sumac, Za’atar etc – needed for the Middle Eastern food I love to cook. The website features a host of enticing recipes too, and I’ve recently discovered how to use pomegranate molasses to create the most delicious salad dressing.

David Austin Roses - I seem to have become obsessed with roses thanks to this inspiring website. It really gives you a sense of the subtle differences in colours and petal formation that make each rose unique. I’ve just planted varieties including The Lady of the Lake, The Generous Gardener, Gentle Hermione, Roald Dahl and Wollerton Old Hall, and I’ll be turning to the website if I need any tips to keep them looking their best.

Postcard Teas - Proprietor and tea connoisseur Tim d’Offay’s enthusiasm for teas is infectious. I love Japanese teas, having had the opportunity to enjoy them during my annual business trips to Japan, and so I’m delighted to have a local stockist! I’ve been to some of Tim’s tea tasting classes (details can be found on the website) and my sons have really enjoyed them too. The website keeps me abreast of Tim’s latest finds, and it also features lovely ceramics and glassware which I’ve bought.

Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings - I love dipping into this since it’s always full of interesting essays and articles by a wide range of people about an incredibly diverse range of subjects, from art and design to science and philosophy etc.

This is 50 - This blog by the photographer Kristin Perers is beautifully curated and it features wonderfully inspiring photographs of women in their fifties. I dread being photographed, filmed or being the centre of attention in any way but when Kristin spent a day photographing me for this blog she even had me happily crawling under a table!

September 2016