Who to follow on Instagram by the popular textile designer, Molly Mahon.

Textile designer Molly Mahon’s fabric has long been on the wishlist at The Good Web Guide. Her stunning block print designs, often spotted in glossy magazines, adorn quilts, tablecloths, bedding, lampshades, tiles, stationery and beachwear. Molly just launched a new collection of linen fabrics and wallpapers at FOCUS and is working on an Indian-inspired range for next year.

A prolific Instagram user, Molly tells us about her favourite feeds.


Every shot Kristin posts is an inspiring piece of art. She covers it all - food, fashion and interiors.


Her colours are amazing and she is so prolific. Her feed reminds me that you’ve just got to keep going.


Good Earth India is a clothing and homewares store in India that builds its collections on romantic, dreamy stories of the past. It sells the kind of handcrafted items that I covet.


Labradors, homegrown flowers, Regency houses... what is there not to love about every wonderfully English shot that he posts?


This is created by the owner of Bennison fabrics. I love her fabrics and use of colour. Her insta account finds lovely pics that connect her fabrics and bring them alive.

Updated January 2018