Maximilian Riedel of Riedel Crystal, The Wine Glass Company, gives us an insight into his life online.

Maximilian J Riedel, appointed CEO & President of Riedel Crystal in 2013, is the eleventh generation of the company based in Kufstein, Austria. Best known for the revolutionary stemless stemless 'O' glassware series, which he designed and marketed in 2004, Maximilian has earned accolades from The Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco MoMA, the Corning Museum of Glass, Maison et Objet Paris, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. Today, in addition to his leadership of Riedel Crystal worldwide, he is the principal designer of the glassware company’s decanters.

Joining the family business at age 18, Maximilian shadowed his father, Georg J Riedel, who had learned from his father, Claus J Riedel, who was the first to discover that the shape, size and colour of glassware affect how we enjoy wine, and thus developed the world’s first-ever 'varietal-specific' glasses in 1958. Today, Maximilian acknowledges the value of his heritage, noting, "I don’t want to be the last of our line. I hold the torch now."

My Favourite Website... Luxuo – I love beautiful sports cars. This led me to becoming a collector of premium brands that have a long history with quality, looks and performance. Luxuo’s automobile section on its website helps indulge this exciting passion!

My Favourite App... The Riedel in me would have to say Riedel’s Wine Glass but I am also a fan of How To Spend It.

My Favourite Blog... World of Wanderlust - Life is to be enjoyed, travel, drink local wine and eat local food. I have found some of my favourite destinations through this website.

My Most Recent Buy Online... A thriller novel purchased from Amazon - I’m an avid reader; there are only a few things better than a gripping book with a glass of wine!

My Favourite Tweeter... Pete Wells - The restaurant critic who is both interesting and amusing.

My Favourite Instagrammer... GQ comes top for me. And David Beckham – I like that he only recently joined Instagram.

My Pet Hate About Life Online... Sharing too much. Sometimes a little privacy creates more mystery. Everything in moderation!

Social Media Allowed Me to Meet... - MW’s from around the world. More importantly social media has allowed me to easily keep in touch with them too.

My Stand Out Online Memory... Reminiscing on photos from friend’s accounts, especially of us skiing in Kitz!

Most Worthwhile Newsletter... Wine Spectator - This is great, bringing wine ratings, news and reviews straight to your inbox. You can also manage your newsletter preferences.

12 August 2015