To celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, British Apples & Pears has partnered with the renowned celebrity chef to create a showstopping apple mousse.

The apple is Britain's national fruit so it's fitting that home-grown apples take centre stage in this delicious cake developed by everyone's favourite chef, Raymond Blanc. There are many royal connections to British apples and the names of two of three British apple varieties can be found in this Jubilee cake, Lilibet and Royal Gala.

The Platinum Jubilee

On the first weekend of June, the nation will celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, marking an incredible seventy years on the throne. Many are planning celebrations during the four-day bank holiday weekend and needless to say, menus will no doubt reflect a certain British-ness.

Showstopping Cake

British Apples & Pears (BAPL) is proud to join the celebrations, working with renowned celebrity chef, Raymond Blanc, to create a showstopping British apple mousse cake which rightly champions Britain’s national fruit – the apple.

The celebratory cake that Raymond Blanc and BAPL have created will test keen cooks but it's sure to be the centrepiece of any occasion, whether at a Jubilee lunch with family and friends or at a local street party.

British apples

The cake uses three delicious varieties of British apples: English Bramley, Lilibet* and Royal Gala. English Bramleys and Royal Gala can be found in British supermarkets, Lilibet are a little harder to find, but you can easily substitute Lilibet with any other British eating apple. Click here to find the recipe.

Raymond says...

Commenting on the special recipe development, Raymond Blanc says, “I am very proud to be part of this historical event, partnering with British Apples and Pears to celebrate the delicious taste and versatility of our national fruit.

“Britain produces some of the finest apples in the world and I believe this spectacular recipe is the perfect showcase for this wonderful fruit. With the vibrant red colour from the Royal Gala apple, the uniquely sweet flavour of Lilibet apples and the cloud like fluffiness of cooked Bramley apples, the cake truly brings out the best of British apples.

“Food is at the heart of any celebration, bringing close family and friends together, and this remarkable cake will be sure to impress and delight your guests”.

About British Apples & Pears

British Apples & Pears was formed in 1990 to organise and develop the promotion of the British apple and pear industry. It works year-round to promote delicious British high-quality apples and pears and is led by a committed board of grower directors.

Ali Capper, Executive Chair of British Apples & Pears says, “We are proud to share Raymond’s delicious British apple mousse cake recipe for everyone to make and enjoy. Apples are our national fruit and no Jubilee celebration should be without them.”

By Team GWG
May 2022

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