We couldn’t and wouldn’t be without Jamie Oliver’s vast repository of recipes. These are the crème de la crème, according to Team GWG.

When Jamie Oliver first burst onto our screens in the late 1990s, a whole nation took him instantly into our hearts via our bellies. In 1997, during a stint as sous-chef at the legendary restaurant, he became the break-out star of ITV documentary, Christmas At The River Café. Inevitably, his own series – the provocatively titled Naked Chef – followed two years later, and none of us have ever looked back. He long ago entered the elite pantheon of food writers known by just one name – see also Delia and Nigella – earning our affections not just through his excellent food and relatable style, but through his social causes too. He’s campaigned for better school food and trained unemployed or disadvantaged people as chefs, employing them upon graduation in his Fifteen restaurant, which ran from 2006 until 2019.

While his restaurants have had fluctuating fortunes, it has always been Jamie himself we’ve been here for – and, of course, his user-friendly recipes. His excellent website has come to the aid of many an at-home chef seeking to make something tasty to impress friends, or simply to knock up a quick but delicious dinner after a day at work. And his books are reliably instant hits for a reason: it’s no coincidence that he is second only to JK Rowling as the bestselling author in the UK. He’s given us hundreds – perhaps thousands – of recipes; but these are the ones we’ll always, always swear by.

Arabella Dymoke, MD

Having absorbed so many of Jamie's recipes into my cooking medley, cooking them so often over the years, it's tricky to remember where they first originated. There are two from Five Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food that do stick out: easy-to-cook supper dishes.

First up is Super Green Spaghetti. I first saw Jamie making this on Instagram and I was hooked by the colour of the greens, which taste amazing too. Plus, it must be good for you.

The other is Sweet Chicken Surprise. We always seem to have some grapes hanging around that have seen better days, so I use them here with tarragon (if you don't have fresh, dried is fine) and red vermouth. I modify the recipe, depending on which cut of chicken I have – breast works well. I just cut it into strips and fry it, making the dish even quicker to cook.

Becky, Features Editor

Once you have tasted the best-ever toasted cheese sandwich, having put layers of labour into its creation, you will never look back. It is totally indulgent and beyond delicious — and a disaster for people with strict dietary requirements.

Nancy Alsop, Editor

I love so many of Jamie’s recipes – his are amongst the most approachable and user-friendly there are, and whenever I’m looking for a definitive take on a dish, I will almost always check the site. I especially love his Scruffy Aubergine Lasagne. That a dish is supposed to look unkempt is a definite plus-point in my book; it’s a trait that seems to come naturally! In essence, it’s a twist on the classic Parmigiana di Melanzane – but no one does a twist like Jamie. I especially like the addition of chilli and sage leaves. It’s perfect through winter and summer alike. And, if you’re making it during the latter season, why not accompany it with The Easiest Sexiest Salad In The World? We can wholeheartedly endorse the title: it is easy. It is sexy. And it tastes of Mediterranean summers.

Lucy Abletshauser, Shopping Editor

I love this Broccoli Soup recipe! Quick and easy and totally delicious! I whizz it so it is super smooth and add a dollop of crème fraiche on top. Perfection.

Lydia Mansi, Lifestyle Editor

I love this aubergine traybake. It’s not quick, but it is super easy to do a big batch for hearty but healthy leftover lunches now I’m back in the office.

By Team GWG
April 2022

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