Brand new site for our fave nationwide delivery service for food and groceries.

The nationwide doorstep delivery service for milk and groceries has a spanking new website and a quaint advertising campaign to go with it.

A cheery milkman hops off his float at the crack of dawn and deposits a couple of glass bottles of the white stuff on your doorstep before doing the same for your neighbours. It paints a gloriously nostalgic image, doesn’t it?

But this doesn’t have to be just a blurred memory from your childhood. It can be your reality, thanks to Milk & More, the nationwide milk delivery service.

Bought from Dairy Crest in 2015, Milk & More is now owned by those kings of yoghurt, Muller. Its new website and widespread ad campaign remind customers that, in keeping with the zeitgeist, Milk & More offers a carefully selected range of – often organic, seasonal and artisanal – groceries as well as good old milk. Indeed, Muller calls it “a farm shop on wheels”.

With categories including “dairy”, “fresh”, “bakery”, “drinks” and “food cupboard”, the site has all of your basic needs covered. At the touch of a button, a Milk & More milkman or woman – of which there are 1,100 – can regularly deliver to your door everything from oat milk, organic muesli and sliced bread to cling film, pressed apple juice and free-range eggs.

The Milk & More team says: “Deeply rooted as a true British icon, we strive to continue both the milkman legacy and its expansion, now delivering over 200 exceptional products to meet modern-day needs.

“We are proud to be supporting a selection of local British suppliers and providing you with the very best, hand-selected artisan produce from across the country.”

With the UK’s largest fleet of electric vehicles, Milk & More is on an eco mission, too. Their state of the art milk floats produce zero emissions. Plus, of this year’s 15,000 new customers, 90 per cent order their milk in glass bottles (which are reused on average 25 times before they are recycled).

Here at the Good Web Guide, we can’t imagine a better fusion of traditional customs with millennial demands.

November 2018