If you’re going vegan, lentils are your friend. Warm, comforting and filling, these are the tasty lentil recipes to try this month and beyond.

If you want to add more plant-based recipes into your repertoire in 2022, we have gathered up some hearty, oh-so comforting lentil recipes to try that will fill that savoury gap. Whether you’re dabbling in veganism for January or trying a more sustainable ’no meat week’ approach with five days off and two days on, do not, whatever you do, neglect the humble lentil. Not just a rich source of plant-powered protein, they have the added benefits of iron, dietary fibre and phyto-oestrogen – plant compounds that help balance hormones, protect against heart disease and benefit bones, too. The versatility of lentils means each variety brings a different quality to a dish, from the creamy red variety in soups to nutty puy in salads.

Here we present a round-up of a range of lentil-centric recipes spanning Indian dhals, Mexican tacos and good ol’ British hotpots. Winter fuel at its finest.

Red Lentil Dhal Soup With Broccoli Tarka

Olive Magazine

The contrast of the silky, spiced lentil dhal and the crispy heat of the broccoli tarka is a match made in heaven. Make this for a surprisingly quick and easy mid-week recipe idea. Find the recipe here.

Coconut Dhal

Olive Magazine

Tropical, yet savoury, this creamy coconut dhal is a spoonful of sunshine. Perfect served with flatbreads for a take-to-work filling lunch option. Find the recipe here.

Spiced Squash Spinach And Lentil Soup

Olive Magazine

A trio of nutritional powerhouses – lentils, squash and spinach – are combined in this hearty, chunky soup. The cumin and lemon pep up the rich savoury flavours for a well-balanced, nourishing meal. Find the recipe here.

Beetroot And Lentil Tabbouleh

BBC Good Food

This hearty take on a traditional tabbouleh packs in three of your five a day with chickpeas, lentils and beetroot. Plus, there are still plenty of herbs in this variation to make it a fresh salad that will beat those grey winter blues. Find the recipe here.

Spiced Mushroom and Lentil Hotpot

BBC Good Food

A high fibre vegan crowd-pleaser that will convert even the most committed carnivore over to the plant side, this winter warmer is gently spiced with paprika and cumin, with a ‘secret’ splash of soy sauce for an umami hit. Find the recipe here.

Vegetable Pilaf

BBC Good Food

Light, fragrant and veg-packed, this pilaf is the perfect antidote to Christmas stodge. Plus, it uses a versatile method that can be adapted to use any seasonal veg, making it perfect for using up the fridge drawer lurkers to create a satisfying and thrifty bite. Find the recipe here.

Lentil Keftedes

Jamie Oliver

A veggie take on traditional Greek or Cypriot meatballs, these tasty fritters are made from a mix of lentils, feta and egg, paired with a herby yoghurt dip to cut through the golden, fried richness. Perfect with a green salad for a meat-free, carb-light lunch option. Find the recipe here.

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Jamie Oliver

One of the easiest dishes to ‘turn vegan’ and a family tea-time favourite, the Shepherd’s Pie gets a lentil makeover in this recipe. It’s packed with veg, pulses and topped with crispy, zesty breadcrumbs. Ideal paired with a pile of winter greens. Find the recipe here.

Smoked Lentil Tacos

Delicious Magazine

These smokey tacos tick all the Mexican flavour boxes. Featuring a spicy lime slaw and slow-cooked lentils with a simple tomato ‘Pico de Gallo’ salsa, the balance of savoury, fresh and heat is perfect. Great for a light yet satisfying ‘build your own’ meal with friends. Find the recipe here.

By Lydia Mansi
January 2021

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