Give your body the boost it needs through the mid-winter with these recipes to support your immune system.

Deepest darkest January is not the time for deprivation. Rather, it is a chance to put some of the goodness back in after the excesses of Christmas. If you’re feeling run-down, bloated, sluggish, or you’re simply looking for nourishing recipe ideas to build you up after a particularly gruelling flu season, we have brought together a range of recipes to try. Presenting nine dishes, each filled with ingredients purported to boost your immune system, or at the very least deliver a heavy hit of vitamins and fortifying nutrients to replenish and revive this winter.

Vitamin Booster Smoothie

BBC Good Food
This recipe brings a shot of sunshine on the greyest of days – and a good boost of Vitamin C too. Featuring orange, carrot and mango for a bright and fresh start to your morning. Find the recipe here.

Curried Squash, Lentil and Coconut Soup

BBC Good Food

This hearty vegan soup is filled with warming Indian spices, including anti-inflammatory turmeric. Plus, it’s filling too thanks to the high-fibre lentils and vitamin-packed squash. Find the recipe here.

Sumac Salmon And Roast Fennel With Herb Dressing

Delicious Magazine

This fragrant salmon and roast fennel dish is the perfect light option after the heavy fare of Christmas. Fennel is great for digestion and is a good source of heart-friendly potassium and folate, while salmon is rich in omega-3s. A nutrient powerhouse of a dish that’s a hit on flavour, too. Find the recipe here.


Veg Soc

This is a great lazy, winter brunch option to warm as it fortifies. The eggs deliver protein and iron, while it also features a healthy dose of antioxidant-rich tomatoes, garlic and peppers. With healthy fats from the olive oil too, it packs a nutrient-dense punch. Find the recipe here.


Feasting At Home

With 70 per cent of your immune system located in your gut*, a side of sauerkraut brimming with gut-friendly probiotics is just the thing to keep your immune system happy. Great as a punchy side to rich roast meats, atop cheese on toast or perfect paired with smoked fish. Find the recipe here.

Asian-Inspired Chicken Soup

Eating Well

Is there anything more heart-warming than a steaming bowl of chicken soup on a winter’s day? This version has a kick of Asian flavours, and is perfect for building up strength after a bug with a blast of heat to send a head cold packing. Find the recipe here.


The Kitchn

Another probiotic-rich means of keeping your immune-system boosted is via milk kefir. Think of it as tangy, pourable yoghurt with a live and kicking culture that you ‘feed’ and, in turn, will nourish your gut’s microbiome with those good bacteria. Easy to establish, it can be added to smoothies; to baking recipes in place of yoghurt or buttermilk; atop curries; or drunk straight in place of shop-bought probiotic drinks. Find the recipe here.

Golden Milk

Minimalist Baker

The perfect antidote to a winter chill, this nourishing tonic has its roots in ancient Ayurvedic practice, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It blends fragrant cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, turmeric, ginger and cloves with jaggery or maple syrup to sweeten; use it to lace the milk of your choice for a warming alternative to hot chocolate. Find the recipe here.

Bone Broth

Nourished Kitchen

A deeply savoury, aromatic bone broth is rich in protein, b vitamins and amino acid glycine, all of which are known to support the immune system. A fortifying option for those recovering from illness, you can either drink it as a light broth, or it can be added to stews, soups and sauces to give a richer flavour and added nutrient hit. Find the recipe here.

By Lydia Mansi
January 2021

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