Mexican fare makes ideal early autumn fodder, with plenty of summer flavours balanced by warming comfort.

Mexican food has the full gamut of cravings deliciously sewn up. There’s cosy, comfort food (chilli); sociable sharing dishes (tacos); slow-cooked and succulent pulled meats; and quick, easy wrap-up-and-go fajitas. From the deep, complex flavour notes of a mole to the heat of a chilli and the cool of a guacamole, each taste bud is sated with flavours from these popular Central American dishes. And when the weather is as up and down as it is in the early days of autumn, it offers all the requisite zing and zest for summer’s swan song, as well as packing some suitably warming flavour punches for the crisper days ahead.

Mouth watering yet? Get chopping, sizzling, wrapping and cooking with eight of our favourite Mexican recipes from around the web to transport you there. Buen provecho.

Fish Tacos

Jamie Oliver

These fish tacos not only pack a tasty punch – they deliver three of your five a day, too. Making your own taco shells is worth the added effort and the kiwi and lime salsa may sound odd but trust us – the sweet, zestiness is the perfect balance for the heat of the spices and herbs. A great crowd pleaser.

Cornbread Topped Chilli Con Carne


If you’re a newbie making inaugural inroads into Mexican cuisine, nailing a bowl of warming chilli is surely the only place to start. A great one for autumn suppers, Nigella Lawson’s recipe has the added twist of a cornbread topping, making it a meal-in-one. Warming, hearty and perfect for feeding hungry troops.

Mexican Elotes

Olive Magazine

A traditional street food, elotes are the classic Mexican way to eat corn – all smothered in a cooling sour cream with added heat from the spices and saltiness from the cheese. They’re great charred on the barbecue (ideal for the sunny days that pepper the weeks ahead), or as a side with slow-roast meats for cosy autumn suppers indoors.

Chicken Mole With Coriander Rice

BBC Good Food

A mole (pronounced mo-lay) is a traditional Mexican marinade made up of fruits, nuts and spices. Think a chilli con carne but deeper and sweeter. This chicken mole is great for those who love the warmth of a chilli but are looking to expand their repertoire with more authentic dishes. Simply add some fragrant coriander rice for a comforting dish; the mole is also great left in the fridge overnight to let the flavours develop. Perfect as a make-ahead dinner party dish.

Huevos Rancheros


Mexican cuisine is not, of course, just for supper. Huevos Rancheros has become as ubiquitous on restaurant brunch menus as avocado on toast, and it’s easy to rustle up at home for a lazy weekend morning. Nestle your eggs into the spicy tomato and bean sauce and top with saline feta. Still hungry? Add a chunk of (non-authentic) sourdough for a great filling feed.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Isabel Eats

What’s better than the first hot chocolate of the season? Why, this grown up and authentic take on a classic hot chocolate. This recipe comes courtesy of first-generation Mexican food blogger Isabel Eats, whose recipe is gently laced with cinnamon and chilli powder for the perfect bonfire night warmer.

Mexican Veggie Black Bean Nachos

Delicious Magazine

Mexican is the perfect cuisine for veggies and vegans thanks to the abundance of bean-based chilli and enchilada recipes to try. This black bean nachos recipe is guaranteed to please everyone – herbivore, or not. Loaded with avocado, black beans, corn, salsa and cheese it’s a (messy) meal in itself and a great assembly recipe to throw together and share in front of a movie as the evenings draw in.

Spiced Slow Cooked Mutton With Mexican Chillies

BBC Good Food/ Thomasina Miers

Tomi Miers is the reigning queen of Mexican food on these shores, having founded a nationwide 27-strong chain of restaurants devoted to the Central American country’s cuisine fourteen years ago. We love this great big warming dish, first for its use of the too often overlooked mutton, and second as a hearty alternative to a classic roast. Delicious.

By Lydia Mansi
September 2020


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