All the indulgence of a good takeaway and none of the overindulgence guilt. Fakeaway recipes are go!

Takeaways have always been labelled a ‘guilty treat’, overloaded with calories, fat and salt. But what if you could indulge in your favourite world cuisines at home, but with a healthy twist? We’ve scoured the internet for some alternatives to popular fast-food dishes – all uncompromising on flavour but saving your waistline with slimmed down nutritional credentials. From pizzas to burgers, kebabs to fish and chips – these are the recipes you can indulge in, totally guilt-free.

Margherita Pizza

A Couple Cooks

An average takeaway pizza slice contains 300 calories (yes, per slice). Loaded with processed meats and cheese, it’s something of a salt-fest, too. But the Italian classic need not equate to a blow-out. This simple, veggie-loaded pizza packs a skinny 96 calories per slice and is full of flavour, thanks to its authentic crisp crust and fresh tomato sauce.

Tandoori Vegan Kebabs

Delicious Magazine

Whilst you may not, alas, have a traditional Tandoor oven in your kitchen, with the simple aid of an authentic yoghurt marinade and a searingly hot grill, you will nonetheless be able to replicate this plant-based, protein packed wrap in all its tasty glory. Worthy of any takeaway menu.

Fakeaway ‘Big Mac’ and Fries

Slimming Eats

There are 780 calories in a conventional fast food Big Mac and fries. While this homemade ‘fake’ version includes a dupe of the famous burger sauce, beef patties, gherkins and a side of oven-baked fries, it has managed to slim down to just 520 calories for the whole meal. Win.

Pad Thai

The Happy Foodie

This Thai street-food classic is packed with lean protein and veggies. It’s surprisingly quick and easy and the benefits of making it yourself versus ordering in are that you’re in control of the spice, as well as the protein you include – making it perfect for carnivores, vegans and pescatarians alike. Get to grips with this authentic recipe and you’ll never dial in again.

Fish & Chips


Probably the most classic of all the British takeaways, the seaside classic of a fish supper has been given a healthy twist here. Gone is the greasy batter, replaced with a crispy crumb made from Cornflakes (yup) with chunky chips and even a side of crushed, fresh peas. None of the ‘carb overload’ but all the classic taste. Now we just need a lovely beach on which to devour it.

Fakeaway ‘KFC’

Pinch of Nom

At only 255 calories a portion, this ‘KFC’ fakeaway is a great alternative for those craving that unmistakably spiced, golden chicken meal, but are looking to save on the calories. Serve with a green salad for a tasty, low-calorie lunch.

Lighter Chicken Tikka Masala

Olive Magazine

Highly inauthentic, yet a British takeaway stalwart, a traditional chicken tikka masala can soon rack up the fat, calories and salt – and that’s before you’ve added naan bread, bhajis and sides. This lighter version uses fat-free yoghurt to deliver that creamy sauce without the calories and plenty of fresh herbs and spices to ensure there’s no lacking on the flavour front.

By Lydia Mansi
May 2021

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