Wow guests at your BBQs, picnics and al fresco soirees with these delicious homemade summer dips.

Sure, reaching for the pre-made variety may seem like the easier option. But when it comes to dips, many are super simple to whip up, keep in the fridge well and – with a little effort – can elevate a picnic, BBQ or simple summer salad in one (generous) dollop. Guests will be impressed and we promise we won’t tell that our seven top summer dips are a doddle to make. Whether you fancy pimping your burger, dipping your pitta or smothering your steak – we have a dip recipe to fit the bill. Now how to keep from scoffing the lot by the spoonful before they arrive…

A Greek-Style Loaded Dip


You know all about Greek Salad. You’re on super familiar terms with your old friend, Tzatziki. Now meet their love child: the Greek loaded dip. More of a meal in itself, simply add pitta (extra points for homemade) and dig in. Atop the cool cucumber-infused Tzatziki sits a mountain of Greek goodness, from fresh herbs to feta and olives. A great communal dish to share and bring back memories of summer holidays. Make it here.

Beetroot And Dill Dip

Olive Magazine

The shocking pink of this beetroot and dill dip is a definite show-stopper when it comes to entertaining. The earthiness of the beet is balanced by the aniseed notes of the dill and nutty tahini, and we can attest that it’s great with crudites and grilled fresh mackerel for a simple summer lunch. Discover the recipe here.

The Classic Guacamole

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The cool of the avocado, the heat of the chilli, the zest of the lime – a classic guacamole offers the perfect balance to keep taste buds happy. Make a big bowl and add tortillas for an easy snack with drinks, or make it the crowning glory to your Mexican taco and chilli dishes. Once you’ve mastered the basics, experiment and tweak the flavours to your own liking for a signature guac of your very own. Make it smooth or chunky to your taste. Get the full recipe here.

Garlic And Herb Dip

The Chunky Chef

This garlic and herb dip will keep fresh in the fridge for up to a week and is a great, versatile accompaniment to grilled meats and jacket potatoes, as well as added to lunchbox wraps. Understated, simple with a sour cream twang to stop it being overly creamy; this is a brilliantly easy dip staple to add to your repertoire. Find the recipe here.

Chimichurri Sauce

BBC Good Food

Not strictly a dip, but a summer BBQ must-have, this South American, verdant green Chimichurri sauce is a roughly chopped blend of fresh herbs, onion and green chilli, balanced with the acidity of vinegar and a good slug of olive oil. Slathered on steak, it cuts through the richness of the meat perfectly. Find out how to make it here.

Smoked Trout Dip


This light summer dip has a looser texture than a paté but is still perfect for spreading on crackers or toasts at apero o’clock. Buy your trout hot smoked and ready to flake into a cool crème fraiche base with zesty lemon and chopped dill. Whizz up in minutes and serve with a dry white wine, The perfect, elegant dip for summer. Find the recipe here.


Olive Magazine

This velvety, vegan, Middle Eastern delight, as made here by Olive Magazine, is perhaps the original (and still the best) when it comes to summer dips. It is the perfect foil to falafels in a wrap, as part of a Mediterranean mezze or with spicy lamb chops served straight from the BBQ. It’s usually a kid-pleaser too. A great one to whizz up from store-cupboard ingredients when inspiration strikes. Find the recipe here.

By Lydia Mansi
Updated August 2021


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