If your dad has no need of extra stuff, why not show your love this Father’s Day with a lavish home-cooked brekkie?

As we make our way through life, accumulating extra stuff becomes less important in inverse proportion to the racking up experiences and time spent with loved ones. If your paterfamilias is in the shedding possessions stage of life but you still want to spoil him this 19 June, why not instead whip him up a really knock-out breakfast? Whether he has a sweet tooth, is a committed carnivore or he loves a healthy feast to start the day, we have rounded up six culinary ideas he’s bound to love – most especially if they’re finished up with a post-prandial walk/wander round a gallery/ day spent mooching together.

Wooden spoons at the ready: we present six delicious Father’s Day breakfasts or brunches.

Steak And Eggs


We all know people who live for a good breakfast fry-up. If your dad is amongst them, why not raise the stakes (sorry) even further by treating him to a protein-packed steak and eggs start to the day? It’s not one for every day – but it might just be perfect for Father’s Day. Find the recipe here.

Soft Scrambled Eggs With Kale And LSA Pesto


Delicious indulgence doesn’t have to be a no-no on the health front. This superfood-packed beauty of a breakfast proves that tasty can also be extremely nourishing too. Dark rye – known to be the least blood sugar spiking of all the breads – forms the base for protein-filled eggs, pesto made from gut-loving garlic, herbs and LSA, as well as tasty slices of thin prosciutto for a salty kick. So good we’ll be using this recipe every Sunday, not just on Father’s Day. Find the recipe here.

Mushroom Sourdough Bruschetta

Jamie Oliver

If you want to cook up a breakfast feast for a vegetarian Father’s Day breakfast, you can’t do much better than Jamie’s earthily gorgeous mushroom sourdough bruschetta. If you make the sourdough, award yourself extra points, but not to worry if not: the buttery, garlicky mushrooms, the fresh hollandaise and the aromatic tarragon will deliver all the big flavours. Find the recipe here.

Green Tortilla With Smoked Salmon

Olive Magazine

This knock-out sharing breakfast has the virtue of not only being delicious, but also something few people would rustle up for themselves. Healthy – thanks to the potato, onion and spinach – the smoked salmon lends it a luxe quality that makes it worthy of a celebratory brekkie. In the unlikely event there is any left, it will keep well for a day or two, too. Find the recipe here.

Easy French Toast

Love And Lemons

Is your dad a Francophile? A Francophile with a sweet tooth? French toast will surely, then, be a hit. After all, as Love And Lemons blogger Janine so rightly says, ‘It doesn’t matter whether it’s a holiday or a regular old lazy weekend morning: just thinking about French toast makes my stomach start growling. What could be more crave-worthy than thick slices of bread with custardy middles, crisp edges, and a mound of fresh fruit on top?’ Find the recipe here.

Ham And Cheese Croissant Traybake

Olive Magazine

A traybake, but not as you know it. Everyone loves a good croissant; everyone loves a good rarebit: this is the most appetising and shareable of hybrids. We like the tangy bite, courtesy of the Dijon mustard. Find the recipe here.

By Nancy Alsop
June 2022

Nancy Alsop


Nancy is a magpie for the best in design and culture.