Whether the sun will put its hat on is anyone’s guess. In the event that the weather does comply, we’re packing these largely egg-based treats into a hamper and heading straight for the nearest meadow/ beach/ riverbank pronto.

When it comes to Easter festivities, it pays to be prepared for all eventualities. One year, there may be a heatwave; the next a hurricane, with every eventuality in between a possibility too. On Easter Day, we love the idea of a leg of lamb that could be roasted indoors and served with red wine should the latter scenario present itself, or hurriedly transported outside to the barbecue in the happy case of the former. But, just like all our fellow Brits who have survived the long winter, we’ll be ready to pounce on any day that brings sunshine, even if just for a couple of hours. To that end, we vow to be prepared with a little picnic for those moments – and this is what we’ll be packing inside our trusty wicker hamper.

Double Cheese and Vegetable Spring Tart

BBC Good Food

A tart is always a good idea on a picnic. This one, featuring goat’s cheese, asparagus and fresh peas, shows off the best of the season and can be made well ahead of time. In the event of spring sunshine, you and your tart will be ready. Find the recipe here.

Egg & Cress Sandwich

The Spruce Eats

We do, of course, concede that making an egg and cress sandwich is within most people’s capabilities without first checking a recipe. However, we also really like The Spruce Eats’ addition of herbed butter and a sprinkle of paprika. If nothing else, allow this to serve as your reminder of how good the classics still are – and that egg and cress is not just for fancy teas served on tiered platters, but makes the ideal picnic sandwich too. Find the recipe here.

Scotch Egg

Jamie Oliver

It’s Easter, so indulge us if we cleave close to the egg theme. And, when it comes to picnicking, why wouldn’t we turn our thoughts to scotch eggs, one of the most classic of all al fresco foods? Jamie’s recipe is failsafe and fool-proof – and presents a twist on the usual recipe by replacing meat with fish. He explains, ‘This recipe can be adapted to suit all size eggs; from a very large duck egg down to a bite-sized quail egg, and can also be seasoned with different herbs and spices than the ones listed below. However, in my opinion they must be served with mustard or, at the very least, a quality mayonnaise.’ Pack several and, while devouring, ruminate on the origins of the humble Scotch egg. As Jamie says, ‘As with so many traditional dishes there are disputes over the origin of the Scotch egg, with claims ranging from India to Yorkshire, even the grand department store Fortnum & Mason in London.’ Find the recipe here.

Mini Pork & Chorizo Picnic Pies

Olive Magazine

What is a picnic without a pork pie? This one, which is spiced to perfection with paprika, is ideal for Easter; inside each, lurks a hidden quail’s egg, which puts a whole new spin on the idea of the big egg hunt. Find the recipe here.

Cadbury’s Crème Egg Brownies

The Sweetest Menu

Picnickers with a sweet tooth will surely rejoice in this exceptionally indulgent treat, which bakes the Cadbury classic into an oozy, fudgy brownie. You’ll need an array of mini crème eggs and larger ones to pull this choc-fest off. We warn: it’s a lot of chocolate – even the most committed of chocoholics may struggle to devour a whole one – but then again, it is Easter. When else would you eat a Cadbury’s Crème Egg brownie? Find the recipe here.

By Nancy Alsop
April 2022

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