Celebrate Easter by treating friends and family to a beautifully tender lamb feast. Here are five lamb recipes we love for Easter.

Lamb is a staple of spring and summer time, as well, of course, as being traditional for Easter. Although its origins, in fact, predate Christianity, it has become closely linked with the festival; lamb is, after all, said to symbolise Jesus, both for its purity and for its ultimate sacrifice. Whether you plump for the traditional roast and potatoes, or an alternative spiced affair, we’ve rounded up the Easter recipes from around the web that we would not be without and which are guaranteed culinary showstoppers.

Lamb Shoulder With Garlic Potatoes And Redcurrant Glaze

Olive Magazine

Succulent and slow-roasted, there are no carnivores of our acquaintance who wouldn’t enthusiastically devour this whole bone-in lamb shoulder dish. And the good news is that once you’ve turned the oven down after 40 minutes, you can sit back and relax for the next three hours. Or, alternatively, if you have house guests, spend it chatting as you bask in the scents from the oven and the promise of a tender feast. The redcurrant glaze gives it a showstopping feel, while the watercress and pea salad is the perfect, balancing complementary addition to the meat and heavenly garlic potatoes. A tip: do make plenty of spuds; they will be demolished in a matter of moments. Find the recipe here.

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Chops

Delicious Magazine

If you want to mark Easter with a lamb dish but favour a more aromatic take, why not try these beautifully spiced Moroccan lamb chops? Chef Clodagh McKenna marinades hers in a harissa-spiced yogurt and serves it up with a fresh, herby bulgar wheat for a sensational dish that is light, delicious and guaranteed to transport you to warmer climes. A perfect roast alternative, especially if you have a smaller group for Easter lunch or dinner. Find the recipe here.

Epic Lamb Kebabs

Jamie Oliver

Jamie rates this Greek-inspired lamb kebab as ‘showing off’ in terms of difficulty. Don’t let that put you off, though; if you have the time to marinade your spring lamb in olive oil, garlic, rosemary and oregano overnight, we promise, it will be absolutely worth it. Foodie friends will also doubtless be super-impressed by the homemade flatbread and chips, all served up with salad and a good dollop of yogurt. It may not be quite traditional as Easter lunches go, but it will certainly delight and make an impression, while also sparking dreams of Greek idylls in the summer. Find the recipe here.

Classic Stuffed Leg of Lamb

The Spruce Eats

You can’t beat a classic. And, at Easter time, few things are worthier of that often overclaimed status than slow-cooked salt marsh lamb with garlic, parsley and bacon stuffing. It is simple. It is wholesome. And it is sure to set guests’ mouths watering as the smell hits them when they walk through the front door. Find the recipe here.

Roast Anchovy Butter Lamb With Boulangère New Potatoes

Olive Magazine

Whether you love an anchovy or you loathe them, you will doubtless be converted by the glorious sumptuousness of this recipe, which requires you to rub anchovy butter into your lamb shoulder. The boulangère potatoes, meanwhile, are rich, hearty and utterly sublime. It may take three and a half hours to make, but the rich rewards are more than worth the time spent slow cooking, and the results are disproportionately spectacular for a recipe that is exceptionally simple to put together. Find the recipe here.

By Nancy Alsop
March 2022

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